Crystal Connection 12 December 2013

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Lisa: After a lot of deliberating with myself I finally found some confidence to post this channel/crystal connection I had on this very powerful day

It’s the 12/12/13 portal, I feel it is important. I felt it on 11/12/13 that it was very important when I was watching a movie that Troy led me to, Children who chase lost voices (Agartha) When I was watching I felt something happening inside of me. So when I went to the kitchen I suddenly see Pi from Agartha in my third eye waiting beside a pink blossom tree. The blossom tree seems to work as a portal to Agartha.Yesterday I tried to connect but just felt asleep. Dreaming about robin Williams and met somebody who wanted to pay for my operation that I really needed.

When I went to work yesterday, Pi was still patiently waiting for me, and waiting for me to connect. Especially with 12/12/13 portal.

Arachanai: Agartha a blossom crystal gateway, your crystal is your key to come and visit Agartha.

Me: Hi pi, I felt your were waiting for me since 11/12/13 and now on the night of yet another powerful gateway, I wish to connect with you. You are giving me images now through my third eye…I see a city build up against the mountain wall and out of this mountain wall comes beautiful waterfalls. The city below on the canyon floor in build upon water.

Connection with Pi

Pi: Hi Lisa,

I am glad we can connect, I have been your guide for many years (that is why I have been seeing on and of, for years, the symbol of Pi and be fascinated by it)

You to had once a lifetime here in Agartha but you decided to leave and experience a life on the topside of Earth. I know you have so many questions but ask yourself….do you remember that you have all this knowledge within you, gathered during your lifetime in Atlantis, in Agartha and many different planets across the universe, even beyond this universe. You have the heart and soul of an explorer, you are a gatekeeper and a very powerful healer. It is time to wheel your destiny, and you can wheel it with the powerful spiral that you so much feel close too and will give you strength. This spiral is your token that is also why the world around you is spinning for the moment.

Your third eye is opening, please use your crystal to enhance a connection to the blossom tree portal so that you can go to the Halls of remembrance in Agartha. Walk in the footsteps of the wolf and let the fire of life burn inside your heart. I will guide you back into who you once where ” Arachanai, light being of the 6th dimension, currently taking lessons in this 3D and 4D vibration, but once in the 5th dimension it would be for you no effort to go wherever your desires takes you….yes even exploring the Universe. I bid you farewell and we will meet again. Pi.

That was the end of my connection with Pi.

Then I fell asleep dreaming that I was part of a big family. In the beginning I was feeling a bit strange but then it felt so nice and comfortable and we were doing some charity.

Crystal Connection – Feilla

I was too tired to sustain to concentrate well on doing the connection before sleeping, Now I can only recall the portal which looks like a very long wormhole.

This week, I was guided to connect and post the messages to invite more family members to do the connection with multi-demensional water and Crystal Caves. They are very sufficient to transmit energy, and various kinds of data.

I highly suggest you to take a look of this site, particularly the photos of the caves which undoubtedly connect with multi-dimensional realms, as well as the inner earth.

The biggest crystal cave all over the world.

Bermuda Caves

Crystal Connection 11 December 2013

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Crystal Connection – Tauno

I closed my eyes for a second or two at the time for our connection and i saw a Giant Elven mushroom, over the mushroom the sky was blue and the hood of the mushroom has red and white colour but not in dots, the red was in the center surrounded by white.

Crystal Connection – Feilla

I was in the depth of the ocean. So many whales are coming from my left, moving towards my right, telling me that they got our blessing, our love and light. It will be nice that we keep envisioning that the oceans get cleansed with this never failing love and light.

Then I overlooked a pyramid. It’s a portal. Getting through it, what I saw was also the maritime world.

I was indicated to appeal more resonated ones to send love and light to the realms which are related to water for helping the concerned cleansing work. Water connects with crystals. They both are the very vehicles that help connect the various realms and dimensions.

Crystal Connection 10 December 2013

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I see in the distance, waving hills in a sort of kind golden light, loving, a crystal city rises up from the land, going up into the sky, I see a waterfall coming down when the city goes stationary in the clouds, a golden sort of wave comes out from it, going over the land like some life force…I feel like I am in a golden/crystal cocoon, I can see the outside world beautiful and compelling… I feel I am getting richer inside…swirls of golden dust of DNA is stirring up some upgrades to the memory…I feeling engulfed by it…taking by it like a waterfall going downwards, splashing…into the river below…peace…love…one…bubbles drift by…we are one…we are all getting through this, just go with he flow…don’t resist it

Crystal Connection – Feilla

Dear Lisa, your confirmation about this GOLDEN LIGHT is so meaningful to me.

As I’m so exhausted, my memory seems to fade very quickly. I hope I won’t forget the important parts too much, after all I’ve indeed been pushed to carry out some duty in the last days. Today, I will publish my connection note on STC, as being indicated, since it’s that urgent.

I first saw a giant Toucan and was indicated to post the following messages.

When trying to unite the Sun and Moon in me, I saw a golden mantra, very very beautiful mantra. It’s very in the form of hexagon, than dodecagon. Their contour then faded as the red diagonals became relatively remarkable.

Then the also red Rune Hagall appeared at my right, whose axis was inclined about 30° towards my right.

About Rune Hagall :

source I. : source :


Sound: “h”
Stands for: Hail
Casting meaning: Just like hail will eventually transform into water we need to see that situations in our lives will do just the same. They will make a transformation from something restricting to something that flows more readily for us. This is what Hagall represents, a transformation of a situation into something more simple.

source II. :
The star form of this rune is characteristic for the Younger Futhark, whereas its Elder Futhark form looks altogether different. Hagall means ‘hail’. The Icelandic rune poem describes it as follows:

Cold grain and shower of sleet and sickness of serpents.

In the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc this sign is called iar with the following explanation:

Iar is a river fish and yet it always feeds on land; it has a fair abode encompassed by water, where it lives in happiness.

The meaning of the word iar is obscure. It is usually interpreted as ‘eel’ or ‘newt’. Note that the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc also has the rune hægl, ‘hail’ corresponding to the Elder Futhark *hagall and used for the same sound, but unlike the Younger Futhark and Armanen runes it does not have the star form.

The use of the Hagall rune in the design of the SS-Ehrenring (SS honor ring, also called deaths head ring) was explained by Himmler as follows: “The swastika and the Hagall-Rune represent our unshakable faith in the ultimate victory of our philosophy.” In Nazi Germany it was also used as an element of the SS wedding ceremony. In the Armanen rune row the name of this rune is Hagal.

Looking for more clue about it, I found this site by accident and think it might interest you, too.

After that, a very giant soaked raven, not flying but descending towards me. Then he turned into a black whale. I felt being in the ocean, watching this painful and struggling giant whale beneath him. He is asking for help. Then I seemed to be brought to another ocean beyond the (European) continent, also in such a darkness. All these visions were so gloomy, as well as the atmosphere. It’s pretty urgent to bring more light to North, particularly the North Atlantic. There is massive slaughter happening there.

I cannot recall the other parts, but would like to appeal to conduct SUN light and love there, and send all the beings our love and light, transforming the hearts of the ones who want to take advantage of them without considering their pain.

Today, I felt extremely bored of the 3D patterns, concerns, topics. How eager I’m to leave this matrix as soon as possible !!! Without you, my faith would be much more frail. Thank you for letting me meet you in this lifetime.

Crystal Connection 9 December 2013

the matrix

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I was so much in pain yesterday, and I still not feel well, that I couldn’t concentrate on my meditation. But I saw instead with my third eye an angel standing next to me enveloping me with his angel wings and it felt good. I still feel those angel wings around me. I think feilla that is why you saw pink around me as I felt love coming from this angel.
Crystal Connection – Feilla

I first envision the light wrap wrapping each one of you. Then I saw Tauno was contained in a very bright yellow-golden flower (sorry for being unable to name it), Lisa in pink, Troy in orange-red one, etc…
Thanks to Tauno’s guide, I tried to unite the sun and moon inside me. Unexpectedly, I should see a big orgonite pyramid which has layers of rainbow colors. Then the color turned into golden and then emerald.
Then appeared an archway beyond which emanated very beautiful golden-emerald light.After that, I seemed to enter to another session of this astral voyage. A tomb with tumulus in Chinese style appeared at my right, whose gray stele was towards me. The tumulus then turned into golden, and luminous. I know it’s is indicating me to look well the East.

Then, an obelisk in Chinese style appeared at my left. Soon a square whole emerged at the surface of its upper part. I felt entering through it. In Chinese esoteric thought, square symbolizes the “earth” by contrast with circle which represents the sky.

I saw a turtle constituted of yellow-golden light cubes. I guess, this is reminding me of looking after the North. According to my comprehension of the messages that I’ve received and have to do with the North, at least since November, I seem to be guided to envision/conduct more SUN light to the North, including the Arctic.

I was shown again a wall of flowing digital data. These seem the words that are to be read transversely. However, I really have no idea at all about its contents. This helps me recall the similar visions that I’ve gotten during these last one to two weeks.

I again saw the orgonite pyramid. This time, I was in it, beneath the coil under its peak and felt my energy was purifying by it or “them.”

Then I saw two pyramids. The upper one was reverse and its peak was touching that of the inferior one. This vision lasted for pretty a long while and seem to reflect some kind of “touch” or “convergence.”

Note Feilla: Before falling into sleep, I recalled that during the connection, I was led to the central chamber of a pyramid and saw through from some specific angle the corridors which intersect as a cross. Being there, I saw Apollo, as bright as SUN above me, holding a girl who also emanates white golden light, as a father playing with his daughter in his arms.

Crystal Connection 8 December 2013


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Crystal Connection – Feilla

Though the visions that I got today are very rich, they looked frail. I don’t think I can recall them well, but would try…

Again, I first saw a big blue morning glory appearing at my left towards my right, which symbolizes “resurrection.?”

Reference : Morning Glory
What Do Blue Flowers Mean?

Blue is the universal color of peace, so it is no surprise that blue flowers calm worries and represent peace. Blue flowers can also represent an open mind, youth, an overall feeling of peacefulness, truth and serenity.

Popular blue flowers include morning glories, lupines, salvias, balloon flowers, poppies, grape hyacinths, cornflower, and ageratum.

source :

Then a giant white unicorn. He stayed with me for pretty a while.

Again, I saw elixir contained by an emerald bottle. I drank it and felt the energy circulating in my body.

I saw a black Cross whose extremities are pointed.

Then there was a long moment that I saw nothing.

Unexpectedly, Being a spectator, I saw “us” in a sanctuary of very big ship. We were surrounding a blue ethereal altar where was installed a black crystal wand. (God…this reminds me of that film “Dark Crystal,” however, where we were is completely different from that movie.) We all concentrated so much and then the altar shifted as stand a 3D projection which represented a golden city or something like that.

Then I felt being attracted to get in. I saw a building (of Giza pyramid’s color tone) which is more inclined to Eastern style, and has two very long wings. I tried to enter. There was so many layers of gates.

The gate turned into a big golden memorial table. Pity that I cannot read the characters on it.

I saw an aged Extreme-Orient aged man with mustache at my right, whose face soon shifted into another one.

Appeared again the big scorpion, but this time of natural color. As usual, his back was towards me. I again am so sure that this is for protecting me. I hence sent my gratitude to him.

I saw a big Triangle, whose bottom line was at the same time the transverse line of a black cross.

Somewhere above me at my left turned so bright. I looked up and saw a white light source in a dark blue forest. I sensed AA Michael’s presence.

Again, I saw the 1st symbol of Sacred Circuit, center.

This is all what I can recall.

Council of Angels, Pleiadian Council and Source via Goldenlight: A Brief Solstice Message


Council of Angels, Pleiadian Council and Source: A Brief Solstice Message, channeled by Goldenlight, December 21, 2013 at

We want you to know that you are transforming into a higher being of light; that your multidimensional self is “coming online” so to speak and that your world is also transforming likewise… That the release of the global prosperity funds is being planned for after Christmas, that the liberation of your planet from the dark forces is very real. That there will be a ‘time’ that will intersect with your ‘now’ timeline wherein we will intersect our star nation societies, our energies, our love, our higher dimensional technologies and so much more.

That global prosperity which seems so far out of reach to many will become a very tangible part of your reality and allow for the release of the slavery system on earth; that there will be a great equalizing occurring for all of humanity and that an unconditional love and infusion of golden light into your airwaves will lovingly penetrate to the very core all who inhabit your planet. That this intersection of the reality of global prosperity, peace and goodwill towards all will tangibly intersect with your now realities. That I am the Source Creator Energy of All that lovingly provides for you and am the Source of All in the Infinite Now Time of All.

That you are my beloved creations who I care most lovingly for and that you inhabit a planet which is the first piece or domino in a chain reaction that is going to sweep across the universe and that you are all a part of this plan… My grand plan of Creation… and that this beautiful Golden Age upon which you are entering has been planned by Me for eons and that there is no stopping it. That your lives on earth will irrevocably change as you continue to raise your frequencies and that all that has been going on behind the scenes will now begin to manifest in your realities. That I love you beyond measure, beyond space and time and eternally and unconditionally.

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, original title, and a link to the source message when re-posting this message.

Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: A Look Ahead – The Year of 2014


Angelic Guides: A Look Ahead – The Year of 2014, channeled through Taryn Crimi, December 22, 2013 at

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the year of 2014. As many of you know we do not particularly like to give “future predictions” simply because your future is not set; rather it is constantly changing based on the decisions you make in the now moment. However the “future” energy of the human collective is far more stable than any one individual is.

The reason being is that it is based on the decisions of the masses, rather than simply one individual’s choices. We will not focus upon events or occurrences, but rather the energy and experiences that will likely manifest continually in each of your lives over the course of this next year; your calendar year of 2014.

The year of 2013 was heavily focused on transformation and truth, which brought with it many opportunities for you to shed light on beliefs that had long been withheld from your conscious awareness. For some of you it was a very trying year; one filled with constant blows as you were made aware of limiting beliefs that had been held in your subconscious though they were equally capable of manifesting your reality as the very beliefs you have consciously chosen for your selves.

For others this year was rather “eye opening”; one which brought many interesting experiences that you had long since feared but realized your fear of them were far greater than when they actually manifested. This year offered you the opportunity to grow and transform into the person you are striving to become. The person you once were only one short year ago seems to be a more of a distant memory than a depiction of who you are today. Many of you have learned quite a bit this year. It was a year of “AH HA” moments, a year of building a foundation for you to now begin to embark on your journey in creating your dreams and desires here in the physical.

The year of 2014 brings with it the opportunity to put what you have learned to the test. It can be a year of wonderful success and opportunity or a year ridden with perceived set backs and pit falls; but we can assure you what you experience this coming year will solely depend on whether you allow synchronicity to flow into your life or if you feel compelled to force your dreams and desires to manifest through the need to control. We can assure you, there will be no lack of opportunities for you to use all that you have now learned.

If there is one piece of advice we can give to you for this coming year it would be to believe, allow and receive. There will be many occasions that seem as though your dreams and desires are being thwarted, that there is no possible way for them to manifest given the circumstances you perceive but remember things are not always what they seem to be.

If you can remember to simply set your intention and continue to take steps that will surely be placed on your path so that you may manifest your desires here in the physical then you will be amazed at the progress and success you will manifest for yourself this year. Yet if you try to control “how” something is allowed to manifest you will spend much of your time frustrated by your inability to move toward your desired outcome.

This year will likely be a pivotal year for many of you. You will likely experience a combination of experiences, some in which you remember to allow for the divine flow and timing to enter your life knowing that your highest good will surely manifest, and other experiences which you choose to fight against the circumstances hoping to force a different result. If you should find yourself in an experience which you feel compelled to force a result to manifest, please know that it is never too late to change your frame of mind. A change in vibration will drastically change the experience which you attract.

It will be a year of large leaps, not only in your personal lives but also within the collective as well. Just as you will have the opportunity to make new decisions and respond differently than you ever have before, so too will the human collective. Please remember that as experiences surface that seem as though they are being dredged up from your past they are not there as a form of punishment or unfinished business, but rather as an opportunity to demonstrate how much you have changed as a person.

You are not the same person you were even a few months ago. You are growing at a rapid pace. Experiences that once would have sent you into a downward spiral for weeks or even months now can be turned around in a matter of hours or minutes. This is your chance to verify for yourself just how much you have grown.

This is the year to dream big, give it all you have and step aside. As we have said in past messages, there is a time for integration and a time for acceleration. You have had an entire year of learning, growing and remembering; now is your chance to put all that new knowledge to use! This is why we said in our last message that you are taking your final exam. This winter/summer solstice is allowing all of you the opportunity to review all that you have learned this year before you take the next big leap and spread your wings in the coming year.

You can use this energy to lift your wings and soar, or you can let it hold you down for fear of failing. The choice is all yours. We offer you one more thought before we conclude our message, create the life you always dreamed you could have, not the one you think you will be able to have. We do hope that we have helped you in someway and we wish you all a wonderful New Year.

We will be watching and waiting, if ever you feel that you are in need of our assistance we will eagerly be awaiting your call.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

Copyright © 2012-2013 by Taryn Crimi. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

The Arcturian Group Christmas Message via Marilyn Raffaele: December 22, 2013

The Arcturian Group

The Arcturian Group Christmas Message as channeled by Marilyn Raffaele: December 22, 2013 –

We come to wish you all a very Merry experience in the season of Hanukkah, Christmas, or whatever you choose to celebrate in this season.

It carries an energy of joy and it matters not that some may choose to name it something other than Christmas. It is a season that promotes celebration, love, and the experiences of Oneness–the underlying energy of Christmas.

Christmas to Christians, means the birth of Jesus but many who call themselves Christians fail to look beneath the rites, rituals, and celebrations of a birth 2000 years ago, getting caught up in much of it without any deeper understanding of the core truths of the event.

Rituals in and of themselves have only the importance or power they are given, for they are simply representations of deeper truths. Begin to ponder the deeper meanings of this season for the outer, material sense of anything is always an interpretation of its spiritual reality.

Enjoy the festivities and try to let go of any concerns you may hold. Stand and observe with a lightness of heart letting yourselves join whatever activities resonate with you. Along with the difficult lessons, you are meant to experience joy and learn to be happy, and now is a perfect time and good excuse for those of you who have difficulty doing this.

For too long spiritual living has been equated with dull stoicism and suffering, even to the point of believing that self-inflicted pain will make one more “holy.” This is pure nonsense, dear ones. Know that these erroneous concepts were seeded into world consciousness by those who stood to benefit from mankind’s’ belief in such things. Joy carries the energy of the Divine.

You are here to learn yes, and a large part of that learning is to integrate the energy of joy and love, thus allowing you to then express it, for you cannot flow outwardly that which you believe you do not have.

The holiday season is bringing confusion for some of you. You are feeling the need to question many of your traditional beliefs and this is good, for it means you are no longer just taking for granted that life can be lived only in a particular way, and that anything other than that one way is incorrect.

The world is a diverse and wonderful one filled with many traditions and different ways of expression for you to experience. Those who forever stick only to what they know, believing that it is the only way, will never enjoy the world’s infinite diversity.

arcturian Christmas

Anything in your life that no longer resonates with you have the courage to release. This does not mean you push it deeper inside. Simply walk away, or ignore any human footsteps needing to be taken for these are frequently karmic situations needing to be once and for all resolved.

Letting go is NOT an excuse to simply avoid something unpleasant that may be presenting itself to you. Spiritually letting go means that you go deeper within and take a long look at the particular issue as to why it no longer resonates with you.

Honestly examine your belief system, asking yourself; “What am I believing about this person, place, event, experience etc.” and then ask yourself; “Is this true or is this a concept I am still holding that is in and of the third dimensional belief system?”

You will quickly begin to see the issue from a new perspective and this gives you the power to then let it go and at the same time, send unconditional love and light to all involved.

Ask for guidance, your Guides are just waiting for you to ask. Write everything bothering you down and take time to really examine your belief system. It can be very painful to release something you have grown accustomed to, even when that something is dense and heavy and you know you would be better off without it. This goes for relationships, traditions, habits, or anything that feels old and finished.

Open yourselves to the true meaning of Christmas dear ones. Open yourselves to the celebration, gratitude, happiness, and joy of letting the Christ (Light) be born within each of your hearts not relegating it to one event that happened long ago. Let Christmas take place in every moment of every day within you. The birth of the Christ takes place in a humble (the stable) heart, one that has released and moved beyond ego and self importance (duality and separation). This is the true message of Christmas. Look deeper.

We celebrate with you, dear ones. We celebrate with you the remembrance of the message of Oneness as was given to the world through the event of 2000 years ago. This was and is Jesus’s eternal gift to you–acknowledge and accept this gift through your own ever deepening understanding of his messages and then begin to live them without judgement, criticism, or self-righteousness.

Christmas is not just for those calling themselves Christians, for it is a celebration of universal Oneness, to be interpreted on ever-deepening levels. Many so called atheists and agnostics practice the truths of Oneness perfectly and often more completely than many calling themselves “Christians.” Try to not place labels on anything or anyone, but simply focus on your own journey to live the message of Christmas. This is true Christianity and the message of Jesus.

Merry Christmas.

We are the Arcturian Group 12/22/13

DL Zeta: Wayshowers Provide Alternate Means of Transport into the New Time

DL Zeta

Wayshowers Provide Alternate Means of Transport into the New Time, by DL Zeta, December 21, 3013 at:

Decades ago, many souls began the long process of awakening to their purpose as wayshowers who would someday guide others into the new time. For the most part, in earlier times these souls didn’t know the scope of their mission. This was by divine plan to help these future guides remain in the present moment and learn to build trust in their internal guidance system. This trust is essential in becoming adept at navigating the unknown terrain of the new world.

As these souls strengthened the bridge to their higher knowing, they received downloads of guidance that, in one way or another, led them to set intentions of love and service. It is through setting higher intentions that we reset our inner compass and begin moving through life based on our spiritual mission.

Embracing the Identity of the Wayshower

It may be the first identity you adopt in the new world is one that has been appearing to you for a very long time. This first identity may be that of wayshower – a soul that moves through levels of spiritual development in accelerated phases. This phasing allows a soul to enter preparedness with divine timing in order to help other souls find their footing in the new time.

You may have held this vision of yourself without getting to know it. You may have held back from embracing this vision because you could not yet see yourself as empowered to help guide others. If this is the case, it is a sign you may have subjugated your consciousness to thought viruses that have dimmed your light and led you to believe you are not wise enough or strong enough to illuminate the way ahead for yourself and others.

The time for self-doubt is over. You will find yourself in coming weeks and months burning through any misunderstandings that diminish your light. Through awareness you will learn to recognize the influence of thought viruses by shining the light of your higher knowing on them. When you stop feeding them your attention and energy, they will atrophy and fall away.

Intentions of Love and Service are Beacons of Light in the New Time

As you step further into the fertile ground of the new time, you will find seeds of intention planted long ago taking root and quickly coming to fruition. Combine the visions coming to you now with your intentions of love and service and you have a vehicle for navigating the new time. If you have seen yourself writing a spiritual blog, you will find yourself doing this now. If you have seen yourself an artist encoding spiritual frequencies into your creations, you will begin creating that now. Many writers, artists, teachers, healers, and other talented souls will now step forward in a stronger way to help guide humanity into the new time.

You don’t have to know how you will carry out your spiritual mission. As soon as you enter the vibrational frequency of the new time, you begin to download messages and guidance that provide the insights needed to take your first steps.
Inside this new world intentions become guide posts and beacons of light. Anytime you lose your way here, simply return to your intentions of love and service and you will find your footing.

Allowing the Old Way to Recede from your Life Experience

As you move further into the new time, the old way will recede into the background. You are free to return here but as time passes, it becomes less likely that you will. In time, your energetic frequency will become so entrained to the new time that the old way will pass from the menu of your life experiences.

Thought viruses will attempt to block your ascending movement with guilt and other emotional snares. Toxic thoughtforms will lead you to believe you should hold yourself back for the sake of those you love. Don’t feel you need to hold yourself back for the sake of others. By allowing yourself to be transported into the new time, you open an energetic space for others to follow. When you do what is best for yourself, you do what is best for all others.

As you learn to exist completely within the new time, you’ll find a great sense of compassion for those still struggling under the spell of thought viruses and under the burden of un-love. As a wayshower, you will be drawn to engineer various alternate means of transport to provide others easier access to the new time. The idea behind these various means is that if one method doesn’t work, another will. The forms of transport you engineer will work for those who are ready to step free of the old way. Bless all those who choose to remain in the throes of suffering and struggle, trusting that each soul chooses the learning experiences it needs within the moment.

Joining with others to Structure Future Time Planes

At a certain point in their journey through the new time, wayshowers will be called to join with others to create structures that will provide the foundation for the new time as it exists in future time planes. You will undertake this task much as those who arrived here before you created the framework on which you now stand.

In the new world, there are places in consciousness where frequencies of heaven and earth blend. Inside these zones you are able to meet with those souls who made your journey here possible. You will also meet those souls you will guide and support in future realms. As you become skilled at moving through zones of higher consciousness you will learn to design and plan future lifetimes; you will also receive a lens to view the lives you have already passed through. At this point, you will understand the full meaning of your present lifetime.

As you prepare to leave this lifetime, you will travel in consciousness to the land of your ancestors where you join in celebration of the mission you carried out over the arc of lifetimes. By joining your light with that of other souls over the span of generations, you set the stage for the new time in human consciousness. When your role is complete, another soul will join its light to yours and carry on where your journey here ends.

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff: This is the Magical Time of Year when Everyone Believes in all Possibilities


Hilarion: This is the Magical Time of Year when Everyone Believes in all Possibilities, channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, December 22, 2013 at

Beloved Ones,

The high energy of love pours down upon your planet as the people celebrate with their families and loved ones. This is the magical time of year when everyone believes in all possibilities and that the good will that is manifest will make all things right in the world. Love abounds deep within each soul and each earnestly desires and looks forward to a symbolic new beginning in the coming New Year.

Much has changed in the year that is past and as the people look back in review, they will feel astonished at all that has occurred. If people would keep track of all the developments in all sectors of human life upon the Earth, they would see that, indeed, their world is changing dramatically.

New lands have risen from the ocean and more will continue to rise in various locations. Your planet is undergoing a metamorphosis that is incredible to behold and you it is who have made it possible by bravely holding the light upon the planet even when you were not understood by the people around you. This is changing rapidly as those around you perceive that perhaps you knew something that they were not aware of before, and they earnestly begin to seek to apprise themselves of the knowledge they need to comprehend the changes that are taking place, within themselves and the world in which they live their lives. There will be a great influx of seekers searching the internet for the answers to their newly formed questions.

These are questions that each of you sought many decades ago and when you found the answers you began to build the inner strength required to hold to your convictions. By doing this consistently throughout your lifetimes, you have made it so much easier for the new seekers to find what they are looking for and great inroads will be made as understanding comes to greater amounts of the populace. The younger generations have come upon the planet with codes already in place, ready for these times that we are now experiencing and these become activated within their DNA strands as divinely ordained in right timing. Remembrance comes ever more easily and gracefully as the veils of forgetfulness are gradually lifted.

As great change in the consciousness of humanity unfolds, it expands in an exponential but quiet revolution. It is a revolution of consciousness or more correctly, an evolution of consciousness. As more of humanity turns on their own light, the crystalline grid assists them by bringing to them more of what they seek to find. The beginnings of telepathic communication between individuals will slowly take form and this will lead to exciting developments in all areas of communication and technology. Many new devices will be created and distributed throughout the world. These will help those on Earth to communicate more clearly and even more quickly than before, not only with the inhabitants upon the planet but also with the star nations as they are recognized as kin.

An era of galactic interaction with other life forms will become an acceptable concept that will see ventures in the expansion of understanding in all areas of exchange. Information will continue to pour into the Earth’s atmosphere with the intent of assisting humanity to continue their ascent into greater light and knowledge and how they may assist in facilitating this process. Greater cooperation between all peoples will help to move humanity and the Earth forward in ever higher spirals of knowledge on all levels of life upon the planet. More and more people will understand the concept that love is the answer in every situation that comes to the forefront. Applying this force of love in a constructive manner will see much improvement in all areas of life upon the Earth. It is a grand time to walk upon the Earth!

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace.
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