Crystal Connection 7 December 2013

I see lots of reindeer’s standing in white snow.  They have big majestic antlers and they feel so kingly. I see an clear rising on his legs, it is a king bear with a crown on his head and then i see a red spiral. I see fjords with purple flowers, I am in the Nordics lands. I feel peaceful.

Note Tauno:

I got a vision of deers, in the snow and on the path and in Cosmos! this happened this afternoon when I was drinking coffee with my mum and my sister

Crystal Connection Feilla:

I sensed that elven energy from your words. This also reminds me the white dears and wolfs that I saw several days ago, as well as the “bear” that I once forgot after waking up. I cannot wait to share the picture(s) that you will find/choose for this connection !!!

On that day when I saw the the suitcase and phoenix, the phoenix that appeared to me were flying towards the North.

Today, I tried to connect you all one by one and envisioned the line from the south Africa towards the Finland, form the US to Extreme-Orient.

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