Crystal Connection 7 December 2013

I see lots of reindeer’s standing in white snow.  They have big majestic antlers and they feel so kingly. I see an clear rising on his legs, it is a king bear with a crown on his head and then i see a red spiral. I see fjords with purple flowers, I am in the Nordics lands. I feel peaceful.

Note Tauno:

I got a vision of deers, in the snow and on the path and in Cosmos! this happened this afternoon when I was drinking coffee with my mum and my sister

Crystal Connection Feilla:

I sensed that elven energy from your words. This also reminds me the white dears and wolfs that I saw several days ago, as well as the “bear” that I once forgot after waking up. I cannot wait to share the picture(s) that you will find/choose for this connection !!!

On that day when I saw the the suitcase and phoenix, the phoenix that appeared to me were flying towards the North.

Today, I tried to connect you all one by one and envisioned the line from the south Africa towards the Finland, form the US to Extreme-Orient.

Crystal Connection 6 December 2013

Crystal Connection – Feilla

However, at that moment, I was too tired and ill to concentrate well, the connection was hence not that awesome.

Now I can only recall two parts of it :

A sentence…”After CCCP” or “After CCC(A)P.”

This is my very first time to get this kind of message during our connection!!!

As I know, CCCP was ever the name of Soviet Union of Russia. Besides, this is also the abbreviation of Combined Community Codec Pack, or Cat Colony Care Programme, Carbonyl cyanide m-chlorophenyl hydrazone.

Pity that I don’t think I’m capable to make out what I was indicated.

The second one is a white light scorpion. This is the second or third time that I saw it during the connection. This time, I’m so sure it’s not negative at all. After checking in internet…I got it’s the very guard for us.

It occurred to me that tonight I saw again the mask of Agamemnon….

Crystal Connection – Troy

I had almost no vision today, except a magenta light pentagram whose pentagon central part is melted with violet and blue lights. This pentagram appeared in a inclined way, about 30° against the horizontal plane.