Nancy B. Detweiler: As We Progress Spiritually, We Will Open to More of the Unseen World Around Us

Openhearted Rebellion

Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div. | Thanks to:


I awoke this morning thinking of the so-called fake sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s Memorial Service.  Regardless of his personal story, the incident reminded me that the kind of treatment he is receiving resembles much of what we fear as we progress on our spiritual path.

The interpreter indicated that he saw angels entering the stadium.  Immediately the question arises:  Is he schizophrenic?  Earth humans, particularly in Western cultures, have been taught to view the world in terms of what we can perceive with our five physical senses.  These 5 senses define our world, which is why metaphysicians state that humanity perceives only about 2% of what is actually around us.  

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