Crystal Connection 3 December 2013


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Crystal Connection – Feilla

I first saw an orange triangle  (pyramid in 2D). There is a big black fork cross at its peak. Then appeared another almost identical triangle behind the first one. All the tree looked so stable as a unique symbol. However, I have no idea at all about its/their meanings.
Then I saw the number 122. I think it was given to me for reassuring me, since I’ve been seriously anxious for at least one month.
It took a very long time that I had no more vision.
Then appeared a transparent / clear quartz pyramid at my right. It then became a portal with multiple layers of transparent triangles. But I didn’t pass it through.

I in fact had few visions today, so got somehow frustrated.I once thought I won’t  sense anything more, but want to center myself more to get more calmness. I’ve been too stressed and worried about the formality for renewing my resident permit and the sufficiency of working on my thesis. I hence tried to connect with Max.

Several minutes later, I sensed something blazing with white light above my forehead. Then I saw a giant black spider staying on the black ethereal wrap of my body, rather above my right chest.

There was once that I sense nothing more. Then unexpectedly, I should see the golden-orange spiral appearing at my right, rather above me. It was spinning and transformed in 3 D ways. The core became more and more deep and I felt it seems the very gateway to go home, our home star. Then I felt a series of extremely powerful but gentile white energy shot from the other side of that spiral and through its core towards my heart. The energy, like fine  streams circulating in my bones, not only in spine. I felt/feel so touched, mentally warm, healed and deeply being comprehended at that very moment, however physically cold on the contrary. I guess it’s for cleansing my astral and ethereal bodies.
Crystal Connection – Troy
“I am buddha”
aeterna / fireworks starburstA (morphing to the rune wunjo), backwards E, S, S, B
black rectangle
goblet, cup pointing left
wave (ocean wave)

(Note: the Aeterna is a galactic lightship… as well as a galaxy. The Aeterna – the ship – looks like fireworks when they burst / flower outwards)

(wunjo is joy/ perfection, which is interesting accompanying buddha)

(and no in case you’re wondering I do not claim to be buddha!)

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