Crystal Connection 4 December 2013


Clouds, I am drifting on clouds like waves on a ocean, as far you can see a sea of clouds,endless, the sky is of a strange light white blue, heavenly strange… I faintly see stars, twinkling and I see stars twinkling in the sea of clouds. I longing comes over me, a longing to leave the 3 D world and start anew in the 5 D world, waves of clouds , I go up and down,

I see colorful fish swimming around me, very tropical fish in the waves of ocean clouds,cloud fish, I see a face appearing in front of my third eye , I see first Salusa but then it changes to Selina, I see her lovely eyes looking at me and she feels so familiar, like sisters but more , it is time for me to fly, I feel my wings opening on my back, in full length,

I feel like a butterfly angel, Selina is trying to talk to me, I am trying to understand…

Selina: love is an energy that that can embody a consciousness way of being, love is now, love is you,love is you energy being, love is what you are made off…let the light of love envelop you in a spiral of lightness, let it lift you up to the energetic levels, to the vibrations of
eternal love and light

she fades away slowly but i see an energy burst coming from her and going towards me, I feel it envelops my whole body but especially my heart

I see white seagulls flying up to the sky, beneath them i see the waves of the sea crashing into the white sandy beach washing over all that has been, leaving beautiful shells of what is now, pink white shells that brings you to the heart of the ocean.

I feel the energy vibrations, my DNA molecules speeding up, changing vibrations, changing
the energetic structure, changing me

I am Arachanai , I am a light being from the 6th dimension, I am pure light and love,I go through all portals, through all dimensions and matching vibrations, creating a art canvas out of thin air is my passion, creating beautiful landscapes, flowers, plants , planets and so on..

I leave…

stars, million of stars pass me by, speeding up more of the time, flashing all by and return to nothing a void so brilliant and soothing, I feel ONE,ONE,ONE

Love, light, endless, forever,diamond

Crystal Connection – Feilla

My connection today seems mainly to connect with SUN, thanks to Tauno’s guide.
I first saw a big white light Arisan ( towards my left and downwards. It’s in fact my second time to see it. I’m in fact not sure if it’s the very name of the flower that I saw. However, I cannot find any information about its symbolic meaning.
Like the past days, my memory is not that sufficient. But this one is so impressive that I won’t be able to forget. I saw a very old leather suitcase. One of its angle was towards me. I didn’t touch it, but I guess it was opened for me. Then I saw successively a series of necklaces of silver toreutics. I in fact can not be well impressed by their forms, but in the next session of our connection, I recalled that among them there was somehow one which was made as a phoenix, a male phoenix, who has consciousness and his eyes are so bright and piercing, seeing towards my left.
Again, I saw a pyramid. I saw through it that inside it there were still two smaller one in both its two sides.
I saw again that spiral at my left, but this time in dark orange. Both its inner and outer parts rotated in different directions.
There were also portals shown to me. The first one looked the most impressive as formed with ethereal cubes/tiles.

Then there was a long time that I almost had no vision any more but only sensed energy. I somehow felt there was a light source at my left. Then I realized it’s the orange selenite ball’s energy that I just bought last Friday. During this moment, though having almost no vision, I sensed phoenix, not only one. They were/are helping me to strengthen the SUN in me and my connection with the SUN(S). Thanks to Tauno for bringing me this !!!
Then at the end, I saw a female American Indian shaman. It’s OcTawa, but looked more aged than the picture that you post on STC. She was sitting, contemplating. Every time, when seeing her, I feel much more determinate.
My beloved family, though we are isolated in this 3D world, being with you, I no longer feel weak, nor that lonely. How much I love you !!!
Here, I would like to share with you a very inspiring and encouraging TED speech given by an amazing architect. Undoubtedly, we are establishing this 5D world together….

Besides, something that might be helpful for shielding you from the dark energetic interference.

Protect you well, my most beloved ones !!!

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