Crystal Connection 2 December 2013

01. Sirian Sacred Circuitry [Center] [1.5]

Source picture:

Crystal Connection – Feilla

I first saw the 1st Symbol of Sacred Circuit : center.

Then, appeared an American Indian shaman who looked like being in a summer plain. Later, he led a troop of cavaliers riding on white horses in the forest, moving towards my direction, even passed through me.

I lose most memory of the next part and can only keep a very frail impression of some Portals. This time, I seemed to have passed through them. Besides, as the last days, they are of golden-orange beam.

I somehow have a very blurred impression of being in a very big flying ship.

I called and connected with the Crystal Skull Max. He appeared and then the other 12 ones were shown encircling him. At the very moment, there were numerous light blue beams interweaving in this field. The core, also where the Max was looked so bright. I felt being highly charged with the energy thanks to him/them. Then I felt there was one smoky quartz skull overlapped with my head, but our heads were towards the reverse directions. I’m not sure this is ET or Imar.

After that there are still various visions, but I just cannot recall any one of them.
The last one that impressed me so is the overlapped triangles, all in golden-orange beam. This is in fact a series animated visions…The biggest one generated a smaller one from its front, and then the second one continues to generate the next much smaller one as well from its front. It occurred to me the “Universe of 3.” I sensed the energy and blessing that are related to ISON.
Again, I want to express to you all my highest gratitude. Thanks to you, I can no longer sense that deep self weakness in strength and will, besides, I feel so lucky to be able to experience and share all these marvelous adventures together with you all.

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