Crystal Connection 1 December 2013


I see an archway, I feel like it’s a portal, almost the same as in my dream last night. But this gate is flanked bubbly Greek pillars. Corinthian pillars. I gracelessly walk through it, calling the protection of my guides, Arachanai, Iltheos and Hitsusi. I feel they are around me. I walk through it and I find myself in a colder environment and the sky is purple. I am greeted by a white feline, she feels very wise and she exchanges images and feelings through me that feels amazing. I see a purple rose almost as dark as the night. A heart symbol , spirals and then I am back @ the starting point. I see a cross made out of beads and reminds me again of Saint Remy the Provence in France.


Crystal Connection – Feilla

What I sensed this evening was mainly the energy, whereas the visions were relatively frail.

Again, I saw a series signs, the reverse Y (trinity?), the two ones of Sirian Sacred Circuit, such as “relate” and “realize.”

I sensed being on one maritime ship of a fleet in the dark rainy night on the the North Atlantic. I had fear…All my life, I had had fear of dying alone in the ocean. As the recent days, I think I was connecting with the North of Earth. This vision might just a recall of one of my past lives.

In the daytime, I felt the wrestling of both the Yin & Yang moods/energies in my heart. By the evening, the light part wins, and my fear is fading. My dreamflight last night was led to deal with my present main fear. Without dealing with it, I really cannot move on.

Crystal Connection – Troy
At the beginning I placed my hand on my lap and it rested on my wallet. This led me to think what my wallet represents, in terms of the “old” system. Everything in there has something to do with the government, and with “control” systems. Ways of making us think / believe in limitation.

This led me to a visual of a guy with a passport, which was written in English. He was attempting to gain entry into an Islamic country (I don’t know which one). The border patrol man was giving the man with the passport a hard time, because his passport wasn’t written in an Arabic script. The border patrol man was saying that he refused to recognize the writing on the passport because it wasn’t “God’s” writing. Therefore he felt that the passport should be invalid.

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