Dreamflight 30 November 2013


Source Picture: mysteriousuniverse.org

It has been a long time that I remembered something of my dreamflights.
After confirming the dreamflight with the passwords, I also asked my guides, my twin flame, Hitsusi and Iltheos to guide and protect me when I am going through portals to other dimensions.

I was dreaming I was in an apartment and I vaguely remembered that I had somewhere another baby boy.

Then I was sitting in front of a computer , very big screen saying that I could input some information into the database and then it went blank.

The next thing I remember is a portal going open , two big black doors, and I could so into the other dimension, saw some beings, but I can’t remember them to describe them.

The dream changes and I am walking on the street and in the distance I see a big dark grey thundercloud coming towards. In the distance I see already my mom walking fast to our car. I started to run to catch up , but she was to far away and the storm was coming in fast. A boy was running along aside me and said take my hand so that we go faster. Suddenly we go faster and we get propelled up into the sky and we were flying.

The last dream was for me the most impressive. I was working in a room with other people when someone I knew came through the door. He sees me and recognizes me and he is carrying something in his arms. But he doesn’t stop to talk , he goes straight to the other double doors that leads into another room. As the doors swing open , I see him entering another dimension , again through those big most impressive black doors. The doors are held open by giant gnomes. He turns around and nodes at me. And then as first, they disappear completely.

Then I woke up.

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