Crystal Connection 30 November 2013


I see white crystal wolves swirling, howling up into the crystal sky inside my crystal. A red rose appears before my third eye. White kinda of ghost like beings moving towards me, I feel not scared as no harm is intended. I feel energy coming from them, positive energy, I see a white crystal city up in the green mountains , with with clouds and blue sky, a see crows flying over this magical landscape that is rolling out before my eyes, with golden fields below, shining in the sunlight, rolling golden fields as far as you can see. I see a huge crystal chandelier hanging down from the blue sky.

I see long blue beings with long arms and legs and those big black almond shape eyes, they are trying to say something…please stop what you are doing and take a deep breath…that means for all of us…

:let yourself be taken to a distant planet where there is only nature and green seas of trees as far as you can see, you life all in the tree tops , in tree houses that are a bit similar as the trees in Rivendel in lord of the rings, imagine yourselves there wearing those Elven attires… drift away on the Elven tunes, taking you wave by wave…you are relaxing, mist is covering the area so you don’t see far now, let your self drift away on the music tones into the mist of forgetfulness…and at the same time the mystery deepens within yourself to take a hold into the mystery world within yourselves, complete formed imagination worlds that lives a life of illusions, just as we do…go deeper into that world and go deeper, dig deeper and a spiral a golden spiral is in front of you , this is the portal to your inner worlds with no you dare to cross this threshold? here you can decide if you return back but for the ones that will move on.\…imagine yourself that you are getting a coat of energetic light on, spiritual light, put it on and come with me through this portal, we fall and fall and go deeper and deeper, describe the first things you see ” red, roses, hurt, white coffin, orange/pink clouds, angel, happiness, love, more then I AM” please keep on writing what you see or feel…..

slowly you go back through the spiral portal, back to wherever you are meditating from, back to you


Crystal Connection – Feilla

My connection is frail and chaotic today.

In the first session, I saw a series of Sirian telepathic communication signs:

1. 5 (without -) in orange beam  →
2. the last one of the first left row (pls see the attached file) in golden or white beam →
3. some one which seems to indicate the left-bottom direction in white or blue beam, but I forgot the exact form →
4. there is a 4th one, however, I cannot recall what it is.

Then I felt pretty uncomfortable and anxious in spiritual aspect. Again, I felt something wrong in my heart chakra. Finally, I saw something big which looked like also an insect. As always, I asked AA Michael’s help. Quite a long time passed and finally came some visions : A white Eagle turns into a white Wolf and then turns into a white Dragon, all towards their head to my right. I felt it’s Lisa coming to help/rescue me.

There were still some visions but in a blur, such as arch gate way in golden-brown tone. As Lisa, I seem to also see the trees. I cannot recall the other parts. Though my connection frustrates me, I still sensed/sense the Master Hilarion’s being and guide. Recently, lots of main questions about my researches are just being guided to the very clues to get the answers, it’s really incredible to me !!!

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