Crystal Connection 28 November 2013

spiritual tsunami

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Crystal Connection – Tauno

I was feeling extremely tired and the energies that were coming to me were so intense that I stopped the meditation before its end, I had a quick vision of many little mercury beads coming through an open portal downwards to the surface where I was, I was in a mountain of beige, brown and orange colours and was at a high place there, the sky was also orange and the mercury beads were grey.
I saw a pyramid and the profile of a Native American, the profile of his face was Huge and transparent and I could see through him. I heard a splash of water, like a huge tsunami wave inside my body and then I stopped the meditation, I have pains and I feel so tired

Crystal Connection – Feilla

I tried to the connection before sleeping last night. Though I was exhausted, and the connection didn’t last for a long time, I had an amazing sense of the elven forest in inner earth. I was in a lake which is surrounded by foggy forest. When I extended my head from the lake, I saw numerous white deer and white wolves were all waiting for me on the lake shore. Here, I want to tell my beloved sisters, I felt your being, no even guide at that that very moment.

I might also be again in the Crystal caves, and felt cold.

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