Crystal Connection 29 November 2013

crystal cave

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Crystal Connection – Feilla

Thanks to Troy’s guide, I could take advantage of a Salon of minerals here in Paris. Before taking the road, I’ve in fact done the divination for numerous times, since my time is so tight. However, I was indicated that I must go there this morning. In the beginning, I wondered if some stone(s) are waiting for me to take them home ? After being there, I got that this is not the only reason. I was highly recharged or even activated in that filed made by those stones. However, this also triggered my serious physical pain, such as headache, ear headache, nausea and vomiting….I still not get through it yet.

A good news to you, I found the Brazilian super seven crystal there and got it with an incredible price, really incredible, as well as a Selenite tour lamp.

I felt being just on the very (spiritual and physical) threshold after the last one that had happened about one month ago in the garden of South-West of France. Here I would like to thank specifically the ones who brought me these !!!

Today, though in difficult physical state, my connection was OK.

I first saw the top of the pyramid in whose center there was a big eye. This vision coming in a golden-orange tone.

Then I was led to the North lands, snowy ones, including the Arctic. I seemed to see the entrance towards inner earth. However, as the last days, I felt/feel so cold.

I again was in some crystal cave(s).

Pity that when writing this part, I can no longer recall the last part.

Crystal Connection 28 November 2013

spiritual tsunami

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Crystal Connection – Tauno

I was feeling extremely tired and the energies that were coming to me were so intense that I stopped the meditation before its end, I had a quick vision of many little mercury beads coming through an open portal downwards to the surface where I was, I was in a mountain of beige, brown and orange colours and was at a high place there, the sky was also orange and the mercury beads were grey.
I saw a pyramid and the profile of a Native American, the profile of his face was Huge and transparent and I could see through him. I heard a splash of water, like a huge tsunami wave inside my body and then I stopped the meditation, I have pains and I feel so tired

Crystal Connection – Feilla

I tried to the connection before sleeping last night. Though I was exhausted, and the connection didn’t last for a long time, I had an amazing sense of the elven forest in inner earth. I was in a lake which is surrounded by foggy forest. When I extended my head from the lake, I saw numerous white deer and white wolves were all waiting for me on the lake shore. Here, I want to tell my beloved sisters, I felt your being, no even guide at that that very moment.

I might also be again in the Crystal caves, and felt cold.

American Kabuki: Updated: Alleged ET Removal of Restricted Tech Captured in Afghanistan…

I was sent this video, its quite remarkable. I have no way of verifying the location or events so use your discernment on this one… The video creator claims the USA captured some sort of tech in Afghanistan (a Star Gate?) and ETs destroyed it.  This video has nothing to do with ISON.


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