Crystal Connection 27 November 2013


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I see a white wall, flowers, little grey flowers on the white wall. I see pink and blue colors on the wall. So many questions, so much more answers. I see a white house with red roof surrounded by a meadow filled with forget me not flowers. I am waiting , standing on a cloud high up in the sky. The sky is golden orange/yellow and feels so peaceful. The wind blows through my hair. I feel alone, see the void again. I feel my DNA is been upgraded again. I am tired, this upgrading, I feel is not fast enough.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I connected with my BA that is the Portal to my Celestial Soul and sent Appreciation and gratitude, soon I felt the Golden Light pouring down on me through the Portal and I felt the energies moving into my body and filling it with the elixir coming from the opened Portal

I got a few quick visions but I remember the two of them. A book, a hand of a being holding a book. The second vision was a face of a boy, the boy has blond hair , white face and is dressed in red and blue, similar to Little Prince but in flesh and bone incarnated here, I know it from my everyday life, the Spirit showed me a Soul of Light that is incarnated here and works directly with me
Then I got a feeling of Space, I sensed the Angels in me as the energies moving into my body and I sent them out in all directions
all the time I got thoughts from my everyday live till I got the message of the Angels while I was having a vision of a blue pathway in Cosmos- like a smooth platform that was leading higher
it is.

Dear Soul of Light, You are asking why you are still there and what the point is, now you are not directly suffering the hard 3D situations but you are still in them, You walk the path along with the many that are suffering the pains and troubles of 3D duality world…You are there for them! You have to be there because you walk alongside them to be their Light and thus they will find their own Power, just continue to walk, this part of the path is about to be completed and it is your service to be with the suffering now
I was given short glimpses of Angelic Presence in the Golden Light energies I felt.

I looked at OLA and there it came the Sirius star system , Sirius B is much smaller than Sirius A and they both were in my palms while OLA was shining with White Light and I could see the reflection of my face on OLA.

I made a Lotus with my hands and OLA and sensed the energies, I got a feeling of me connected with the Angelic Realms forming an octahedron together like this.

me beaming Light from the surface that came out of me and spread and Angels giving me Light from above that spread and where the two Lights meet it is the wider part and thus the octahedron of Light is formed

Crystal Connection – Troy

I am thankful for all the points of light across the planet.

Kundalini shiver to start.
Then I had a step back moment. Everything feels like I’m walking through thick syrup, like molasses. Everything I do, it is difficult. Then I see physically there is no barrier.. I have heard this mentioned by SaLuSa before. I take a step back and see that everything being so difficult is not “normal”, it is unique to the end time. Inertia. I’m connected to spirit / the feeling of this plane is not right, yet I’m somehow here anyways. It will get a bit worse then much better. Each year is a blip in our lifetime. We are free. We always were.
Push the rock and it will start to roll…
Crystal Connection – Feilla

Thank you for both your sharing of your marvelous connection. Lisa’s vision of golden orange/yellow sky seems to reminding me something and resonates with the orange rose that I saw yesterday. The “elixir” that Tauno mentioned just remind the liquid contained in a bottle, all in emerald that was given to me some day in this week during our connection.

I lost the first one third part of my connection today. The only two parts that I can recall is the tomb with a steel graved with the Khitan scripts and the face of Sanat Kumara, with white hair and beard, in golden aura, looked more similar to this picture…I feel so closed to him.

In regards to that Khitan tomb, I felt it’s mine or of someone of my family. The way that Russian calls China, Khitai, is in fact owing to their direct contact with these people who mainly acted in north, specifically north-east of China.

Their history (active between 10 and 12 centuries) :
The concerned funerary culture…please see :

I just realize that in contrast to you who are rather looking after the upside, I seem to be guided to work rather on the downside. In the last two weeks, I was sent to the subterranean crystal caves relatively frequently.

Today, it’s my first time to be relatively sure that I came to Agartha. No, in fact we were all there, in a sanctuary. We guys about a dozen ones took our places as a circle towards the center and did a worship, though in the center, there was nothing. It’s wired that we were all in black.

Before getting into Agartha, I sensed the water which might be some subterranean river. I feel so cold as the last days. Since this session began, I lose my memory of first part of the connection.

Then, it’s a vision at my left of a rite that I felt rather an European funeral, held somewhere similar to a palace a cathedral. At the feet of the outdoor flight steps, there are the guardians in black walking towards my right. I have no idea about this scene at all.

I have a extreme physical fatigue and the complicated moods that I cannot tell. I guess this might be the symptoms of shift/transmutation.

May you all have a nice Thanks Giving festival !!!

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