Crystal Connection 25 November 2013

I see an Irish knot, it is a portal. I go through. I am in the middle ages and I see an European monk dressed in a brown dress. I am a high priestess again looking over the golden dust hills with forest. I feel peaceful in this magical dimension land. I encounter a unicorn and an owl. Then your name pops Feilla and then Tauno we shared some lives together in different dimensions

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I concentrated on my heart -third eye connection and I got a vision. A high mountain place, a plateau and Beings of Angelic Elven nature were forming a circle, they looked like plants or leaves and at the same time they were giving me the sensation that they are us, they started dancing and rotating in this perfect circle moving clockwise and then they came even more in number, the circle transformed itself into a spiral and then the energy generated moved in two directions, one of them downwards into the circle and one spiral continued forward.

Then I called Egyptian Gods and Archangels and felt very intense energies of Light coming to me, I saw Isis giving Golden Light, then Bastet – the Pharaoh woman with cat`s head and the Pharaoh crown. I sensed AA Michael`s energies and the energies of the Archangels. Bastet came again, She allowed me to visit Her Realm of higher vibrations, I was in her palace and saw her standing at a balcony with ancient Roman like columns and the sky was pink and blue and white, the Light was just Present there.

I asked Her what is Her message to us and I was given that the Great Jump to the higher dimension is already taking place.As I was holding OLA into my palms and forming Lotus flower I sensed a beam of Golden Light connected with me and Angelic Being there into the ray giving us Blessings

Crystal Connection – Feilla

I first saw a white morning glory. I never knew this kind of flower has such a beautiful English name, since its Chinese one is not so.

Regarding its symbolic meaning, I think the first one might relative make sense to me.

source1 :

Morning glory is also symbol of death and rebirth. The morning glory opens in the morning and dies the same evening.

source2 :

The morning glory flower blooms and dies within a single day. In the Victorian meaning of flowers, morning glory flowers signify love, affection or mortality. In Chinese folklore, they represent a single day for lovers to meet. They also represent the month of September and 11th wedding anniversaries.

Then I saw a giant clean crystal pillar extended and rotated from the center of a circle sanctuary towards the sky. We were all there, surrounding it. I saw a girl with brown hair in white gown with blue belt. I sensed that was me, but also you. I was you and you were me. I, as that giant crystal pillar, spinning and ascending. I felt it’s in Atlantis, being with YOU.

At that moment, I recalled the first time when I expressed to get on Athabantian, I sensed myself and two other girls were beneath a disc which was covered by numerous red  luminous fibers that were long enough to  be hanged as the fiber curtain. Now, I’m sure those were you Tauno and Lisa.

I sensed we have incarnated many times in the same time-spaces, that’s why you could recognized me, sensed me this way. Getting this, I felt very powerful loving energy circulating in my physical body. The cold that annoyed me was gone.

How much I appreciate to be united again with you here. I hence sent you light and energy, particularly the ones who felt/feel drained, including you, my beloved sister, Leslee.

I loose the memory of the next part, then appeared about six to eight giant blue insects that I have never seen on earth. It’s their looking…they looked soft, in the form of half lemon with hundreds or thousands legs. I felt so uncomfortable, hence asked AA Michael’s intervention. Then they were gone.

I recalled the the message given via Ashtar trinity, and tried to lead the light and love emanated from Alcyon to earth, tree and water, even into the sun of inner earth.

Here, I want to thank you for letting me find you and be gathered together like this.

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