Crystal Connection 24 November 2013

high priestess

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See into my crystal, I see lots of codes, Egyptian , Mayan and other unfamiliar languages and symbols, the are downloading into me. I see blue light coming out of the crystal surrounded by golden dust. It brings me to Ireland, I am a high priestess in a druid group. It is full moon and I prepare a ritual. I in the high mountains of Tibet and I visit one of my yet brothers. I see also a connection with Atlantis, lots of water. I see a crystal water fountain.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I raised my two serpents – black and golden towards the pineal gland
I felt Golden Light in my head and I saw Lisa sitting at a table and dressed in a colourful dress and she was talking to me telepathically.

Then I saw Lisa`s Native American self – she is a mother with a son, the son is next to her and behind them I saw a green tree with fine little leaves and there was a green landscape behind the tree and the mountains were visible in the distance

Crystal Connection  – Feilla

How awesome both your connections are.

Today, after more than two months’ suspension, I tried to update my Chinese blog. However, it took all day long just for posting one report.

Today, during our connection, I sensed only the energy.

I’m still in a deep fatigue and seem in the course of detoxifying all my bodies and making efforts to release my anxiety about time lack.

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