Gaia Portal: Individual Hue-Being Resonances Combine at this Moment for the Grand Gaia Portal Awakening

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gaia_energy1Individual Hue-Being resonances combine at this moment for the grand Gaia Portal awakening.

Multiple upgraded portals harmonize into a single focus for Gaia Ascension, supported by aligned Hue-Being intent.

Fractionation of hu-manity has ended, and is recognized by hu-beings, as well as at all Gaia energetic levels.

Supplementation of this process comes from Cosmic Sources.

Standards of all Gaia inhabitants have increased considerably and are at levels sufficient to support this.

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How to Best View Comet ISON’s Closest Flyby to the Sun (Thursday, November 28)

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This new view of Comet ISON was taken with the TRAPPIST national telescope at ESO's La Silla Observatory on the morning of Nov. 15. (Photo: E. Jehin/ESO)This new view of Comet ISON was taken with the TRAPPIST national telescope at ESO’s La Silla Observatory on the morning of Nov. 15. (Photo: E. Jehin/ESO)

Stephen Cook: This comet is being noted for many things, including its positive energetic flow-on to us all. For a complete overview of how to view Comet ISON, check out the links within this article. The Mother Nature Network report is particularly good.

By Jenalyn Villamarin, IBT – November 26, 2013 | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

The close flyby of the 2013 Comet ISON to the Sun on Thursday, November 28, brings a rare celestial viewing opportunity. Given below are some safe tips on how to best view the “Comet of the Century” on perihelion day.

In the Huff Post Science report, the astronomers currently believe that Comet ISON is rapidly brightening up, therefore making the space object easily visible…

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Christina Lunden-The 5th Dimensional Chakras

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Christina Lunden
a message from Christina Lunden
Sunday, 17 November, 2013  (posted 26 November, 2013)
 When you were born into this life, you had access to your seven physical chakras. These are the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Brow Chakra and the Crown Chakra. In 2006, you had the opportunity to start opening up to these next three 4th dimensional chakras: Soul Star Chakra, High Heart Chakra and the Zeal Point Chakra.

Every soul adds these one at a time at their own pace according to how much light they are allowing into their soul each day. These 4th dimensional chakras are spiritual chakras; they don’t have anything to do with the physical body. Each chakra has to be stable, balanced and being used by the person in order for the next higher chakra to open.

In 2007, the 5th dimensional chakras were accessible. Most people started feeling…

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An In Depth Look Into the World of Channeling, Part 1&2: An Interview with Wes Annac from the Aquarius Paradigm by Caroline Aguiar

Blossom Goodchild – November 21, 2013

Spirit Train Chronicles

What ho chaps! Back again! I have been RIDICULOUSLY tired these last few weeks … anything to do with what’s going on, or is it just ‘normal life’?
We would send cheering greetings back to you and as always it is exciting and endearing to be within your company once again. The tiredness you are experiencing … and indeed many … is far more than the average day to day exhaustion! The energies that ARE to enter are of such magnitude that even as ‘they are on their way’ … they are causing many to have this side effect … of the sudden and overwhelming desire to sleep. Within that sleep there is much downloading taking place for one is ‘almost’ aware that they are not asleep yet deeply ‘elsewhere’.
ALL THIS is preparation for the EVENTS that are to come.
I notice you say EVENTS ……

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Crystal Connection 23 November 2013

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I see an orchid , violet, daisies, bluebells, forget me not, they form a portal to another dimension. I am sitting in a white salty water. Then I stand before a white gate, stepping through unlocking some secret inside, I feel it close to me like I can almost touch it, but it keeps eluding me. I feel like I have to remember something that I have lost.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I raised my Life Force in the shape of a Cobra up to my head

I had a feeling of water below me, energies were like water

dark blue and green colours

the energy has Golden colour

When I set my attention into my brain I had a vision of an Elephant, a holy Indian Elephant with head decorations I saw before me

Crystal Connection – Feilla
I have difficulty to recall what I sensed during our connection. As yesterday, I felt so cold when and after the connection

I got various visions of pyramids, and might have a glance of a future city. There once appeared a very beautiful white French window with the lightly floating gauze curtain of light pink/ Diana rose color. It seemed that beyond this window, it’s a very graceful garden in late Spring daytime Then the gate become a very long golden corridor, in which I kept moving on and attempted to pass through. However, the vision was gone before I got to see the other side.

Another corridor appeared in the next session. However, I neither saw its end.
Tonight, I got two symbols, one is Rune Ingwaz, whereas the other is the symbol of a vertical Versica Pisces. The number 22 or 23 seemed appear soon after that. Since I’ve felt cold that was caused during the connection, I guess I’m in the very course of getting the balance of water and fire, yin & yang,
Thanks to Lisa, I don’t remember it’s today or yesterday that I saw also a bluebell, a big and golden one.

Crystal Connection – Petra

I listened to the music… ;I connected the sound directly to my heart, absorbed it and felt that my heart chakra became wider and wider, expanding, my head was turned and I felt uncomfortable in my neck, like something was blocking the energy, after some while I felt my crown chakra opening up, energy went my spine into the earth, so beaming in 3 directions, heart chakra was moving like a spiral, crown chakra energy was moving like a spiral and so on…

Then the music was finished and I saw just nothing, felt being in a vacuum… ;and I remembered that we wanted connect. Then I found myself as being in space, above mother earth and I saw all of you coming from different direction, but I did not see you as person, only as light beings. We waited and the we took us by the hands and then others joined us and we formed a kind of a ball, like a origami ball, but without a special pattern, there was no one, but still there was a kind of symmetric, of special order. We swirreled around for some while, then it all folded up and we were again alone, still together in space, then we were sucked in from a kind of tunnel, a portal and after a while we moved towards a light planet / ball.

We came nearer and it was like a crystal, pure energy surface, we entered into this energy / crystal planet or whatever it was.

When we were inside we saw it was a spacecraft, we landed in a big room, windows around with view to the space.

A big table were standing there unknown material and chairs and group of people were there.
Communicating telepathically, welcoming us and said we should sit down.

We sat down and somebody said:
We wanted to thank you our friends. You have done such a great work in implementing and spreading light on earth, working in different ways. You are doing great. We know it is sometimes very difficult for you to deal with the different vibrations, your heart sometimes suffers from the dark energy that is still on your world. But do not feel disturbed by that.

And in front of each a egg formed energy ball appeared, of pure light. This is for you, take it into your hearts. This is your flame, your I AM Presence, take it into you heart and know, that there is no more outer and inner, no more I AM presence above you. YOU ARE THIS I AM and you should never think something else, never think of being separated, never thing of energy above or around. IT is always inside of you, in your heart.

Know this and feel this.
Feel this and Know this.
Be it and know it and feel it..
Know it, feel it, Be it.
Be it, know it, feel it.
Feel it, know it, be it.

I am asking. Who you are?
We are pure light. We are only in a body for you to see us.

We say thank you and we dissapear.

I am slowly feeling myself back in my body, do not want to open my eyes. But I do and I am full of energy, my chest feels like double size, my head is light.

Love to you all my sisters.

Feel it, know it and be it. YOUR I AM PRESENCE

Karen Doonan: Cocoon to Butterfly

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The movement from cocoon to butterfly (see yesterdays blog post) is one that is not without some “pain”.  This pain is SELF CREATED and is a residue, an echo if you will of the old 3d earth frequencies.  YOU have been TAUGHT that in human terms your life here on planet earth must follow a set of “rules”, these rules are frequencies, generated to keep you walking blind in a world that is gaining in brightness each moment to each moment.  

Many of you at this time may FEEL that you have reached BREAKING POINT, this breaking point is but the shell of the cocoon beginning to break open. It is not possible to emerge from a cocoon that is sealed, the “sealing” of the cocoon the SAFE SPACE that is created by YOUr SOUL in order for you to undergo the transformation from one BEing…

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Aurora: Coping with Emotional Distance

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Coping with Emotional Distance November 22, 2013

As much of the world prepares to enter the holiday season of Earth time, there is often many emotional worries and concerns that arise. The holidays are a time to gather with family and celebrate. However, for many who are becoming increasingly sensitive, this time can be quite difficult.

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Gaia Portal: Focusing of Incoming Cosmics Occurs at this Time

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Focusing of incoming Cosmics occurs at this time.

Intention of Gaia Portal Keepers brings correction of dis-harmonies and upgrading of planetary structures on all levels.

Stiffening of old paradigm constructs leads to embrittling and subsequent shattering and elimination.

Forward and upward movements only are supported at this time.

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