Karen Doonan: Cocoon to Butterfly

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The movement from cocoon to butterfly (see yesterdays blog post) is one that is not without some “pain”.  This pain is SELF CREATED and is a residue, an echo if you will of the old 3d earth frequencies.  YOU have been TAUGHT that in human terms your life here on planet earth must follow a set of “rules”, these rules are frequencies, generated to keep you walking blind in a world that is gaining in brightness each moment to each moment.  

Many of you at this time may FEEL that you have reached BREAKING POINT, this breaking point is but the shell of the cocoon beginning to break open. It is not possible to emerge from a cocoon that is sealed, the “sealing” of the cocoon the SAFE SPACE that is created by YOUr SOUL in order for you to undergo the transformation from one BEing…

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Aurora: Coping with Emotional Distance

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Coping with Emotional Distance November 22, 2013


As much of the world prepares to enter the holiday season of Earth time, there is often many emotional worries and concerns that arise. The holidays are a time to gather with family and celebrate. However, for many who are becoming increasingly sensitive, this time can be quite difficult.

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Gaia Portal: Focusing of Incoming Cosmics Occurs at this Time

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Focusing of incoming Cosmics occurs at this time.

Intention of Gaia Portal Keepers brings correction of dis-harmonies and upgrading of planetary structures on all levels.

Stiffening of old paradigm constructs leads to embrittling and subsequent shattering and elimination.

Forward and upward movements only are supported at this time.


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