Crystal Connection 9 November 2013


This is Selina that I saw in my connection. She comes from the same place/ship as Salusa


As I drew a picture of the female I saw in the crystal connection on the 9th , I got her name through too. Her name is Selina and she is the same as Salusa. I saw her in a red/purple environment /planet. Then I saw an armada of golden ships flying through the sky.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I saw a crystal formation, rough crystal cluster of clear quartz in Cosmos, then a polished oval shaped crystal in jewel , the blue crystal was also transparent and I could see through it, it was all happening in Open Cosmos, I could see the Stars and the crystal structure as well, then the colour turned to red, red crystal vibrations, I was connected with a Being from Higher dimensions with female energies, the Golden colour appeared and red and golden combined and I saw a beautiful reality, a temple or palace in a higher realm, the Light was only Golden.
I saw a flower at he place where my pituitary gland is, the flower was with 3 blossom leaves, the other 2 were missing ,its center was round and blue, then I asked for a connection with the worlds of light and Sun energies appeared, I connected with a Star and I saw an Angelic Being of Golden Light appearing from the Golden Sphere

I felt RA energy again. I stated that I want to be connected with the world I belong to according to my birth right
I found myself connected with the Lion People, I saw a kitten of white and grey colours, then I felt Bastet is here Present the Eye IS there too connected with us, saw a Golden Snake rising in the golden energies of the higher vibrations, a Lion there too and another big cat too, I saw the Pyramid of Giza and at the end of my meditation I saw the Sphinx again, it is so quiet in Giza now and so peaceful in the night and the Pyramid shines softly with its inner Light, I can feel this eternal Peace and Glory and I can hear the symphony of Creation

Crystal Connection – Feilla

I originally thought nothing special during my last connection. However, Tauno’s description looks resonating with my visions, despite of the great part of my memory were already untraceable.

The first one I saw was three girls wearing white (upper part)-green-blue (from the chest to the feet) gowns, dancing together towards the center.

Then I saw through a brown building with the stairs towards the underground from its flank. The wall seemed transparent.

The last one that I can recall is the pyramid.

Owing to my stress and the coldness, I still have difficulty to fall asleep soon. So if I can fall asleep after our connection, I will update it rather the next day.

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