Crystal Connection 25 October 2013


I had trouble to make connection, I saw a green swamp with green fog swirling over it. It was dark and above this swamp I saw 5 white candles burning.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I focused on my Heart and made a connection, I sensed a Gate was opening to Inner Earth and there were some Beings at the entrance, a woman opened the door, she was with dark hair , white skin and a little too heavy but not fat, she was dressed in White and her clothing reminded me of a folk German style from the Alps Mountain. I saw also the Cat Goddess Bastet and a big Angelic Face of Aether Light , this being was blond and looked like a woman, then the vision stopped and I felt the energies working on me, I almost fell asleep when I suddenly opened my eyes, closed them again and a vision came, I jumped into the open Space and saw the Stars, the energy work continued for some “time” after this