Thunderclouds and others

We had a lot of rain and thunder these past two days. But it gave also some wonderful pictures of the thunderclouds. Here some more from today.




Below picture I took some days earlier at a Holistic Fair. I noticed the clouds close at the trees in the middle that the empty blue sky makes a triangle shape.


Some evening sylphs


Crystal Connection 18 October 2013

purple flame

Source picture:

I see a crystal mountain and in there I see the purple flame. Then a lot of past memories came through and I hear outside the crickets singing a certain frequency that upgrades my memories in my body. I see first crystal clear jellyfish swimming by, in the fluid and then notice some galactic ships having the same crystal clear look that almost invisible , I can see them because of the breaking of the light on their ship. I am protected. I remember seeing the city of light Vesu and saw three light rings going around this city.

Crystal Connection 17 October 2013

lotus flower

Source picture: Lotus flower festival in Ban Pak Nam, Thailand –

I saw a blue orb coming from my belly. But then my visions went blank.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I did a pineal gland dimensional attunement meditation, saw the Lotus Flower floating on the river and felt a bliss. Then I sensed a portal opened towards my heart chakra. I was doing heart dimensional attunement and expansion of the heart area, saw the energy waves around my heart and there formed an energetic circle, saw Angels of White holding hands in the circle, we are the Angels connected in a circle, we are working now on the manifestation of the cities of Light into our reality. The cities began to appear on the aetheric level in our consciousness. Then I saw Ashtar Sheran that was standing on a platform, there were two crafts on both sides of the platform – left and right and Ashtar stood at the center giving us sign, he raised hand for welcome, beams of Light were coming from the crafts towards Ashtar

Crystal Connection – Feilla
I could not write or even take down my connection after waking up, owing to the heavy physical pains. It’s worse that though I was still so tired at that moment, I just could not fall asleep again. However, just until the moment that I could not sustain anymore, I turned to have a supplementary sleep, and get better now, despite a sore spine and dizziness.

Here are the words that I want to continue, following the warm impact that you gave me.

Comparing with my life before getting involved so much in this connection, I really feel being much more grounding on earth, since I’m not that lonely any more. No matter what happens to me, no matter which cruelty that I could not avoid to see or to experience in life, sensing that you all are here with me, my pains, grief, regrets, fear could just fade to some degree. Though there are still so many difficulties in front of the path, I’m much less that helpless or hopeless, all because of you.

With whom else I can share so many thoughts, feelings like this? My dearest family, I love you all so !!!

The Ascended Masters and the Pleiadians: Allow the Illusion of Separation to Dissolve

Openhearted Rebellion

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Note: This was the last message I channeled before I reached the epiphany expressed in “The One Consciousness that is our Universal Family“.

I, Jeshua, speaking for our collective of Masters and the Company of Heaven overall, ask each of you to allow the illusion of separation dissolve away from you now.

Separation breeds so much difficulty and so many negative feelings in the minds and hearts of many dear awakening souls, and those of you who perceive yourselves to be alone or separate from your collective should know that in your true state of being, there is no such thing as separation.

We note the loneliness and isolation many of you tend to feel as you go about your Earthly experience and notice the difference in vibration between you and the majority of your public, and we ask for you to see what you’ve known…

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Transcript: Sanat Kumara Discusses the Law of Instantaneous Transformation, October 15, 2013

Openhearted Rebellion

????????????????????????????????????????Heavenly Blessings: Sanat Kumara Discusses the Law of Instantaneous Transformation. October 15, 2013,

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You, Emerging Into The Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness, and myself Suzanne Maresca.

Sanat Kumara will be joining us today to explain the Universal Law of Instantaneous Transmission. The Council of Love tells us that this law creates immediate transformation. I know that many of us are feeling more than ready to transform our current reality.

At this point I think we’re getting into territory of things that I may never have considered; certainly other listeners may feel the same way. But I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say as always. Good morning, Linda.

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Transcript: Sanat Kumara Discusses the Law of Transmutation, October 8, 2013

Openhearted Rebellion

sanat-kumaraThanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Heavenly Blessings: Sanat Kumara Discusses the Law of Transmutation. October 8, 2013

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of “The New You, Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness,” and myself Suzanne Maresca.

Today, Sanat Kumara returns to offer guidance on the Universal Law of Transmutation. There’s a lot I don’t understand about this one and the description that the Council of Love offers says that this is when we’re working on something that needs to be removed but not eliminated because of the core element, it was grist for creation.

They tell us that our role is to clear, release and destroy in a most positive way that which is not of wholeness. That issue or situation is brought down to the finest…

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Energetic Upgrades for Selected Hue-manity Groups are in Process


gaia_energy1Energetic upgrades for selected Hue-manity groups are in process at this moment.

This is in addition to general consciousness upgrades occurring in all of Gala’s inhabitants.

Fracturing and dissolution of outdated low frequency paradigms has allowed this step.

“Selected Hue-manity groups” includes many continuing to set directions from energetic levels not yet suited for Gaia whole, and primarily addresses vibrational dis-harmonies.

Interests of all Gaia inhabitants are honored at this time.

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Steve Beckow: Veronica Keen in Need of Assistance

Monty and Veronica 22

Veronica, wife of Montague Keen, the source of Messages from Montague, is in difficulty and appeals to readers for assistance. Her car was parked and a bus rammed into it, totalling it. The insurance company is offering such a very low settlement that it’s not even enough to buy a safe car.

I post a “donate” button below and, as always, am only appealing to those who enjoy a degree of abundance at the present time.

If the Reval had hit already, this request could be easily seen to and would be, without a need to ask readers. But until the Reval hits, we are all struggling to find the means to survive and to help people like Veronica.

Please go to Paypal

Hit “Send Money” and enter the email address:

(A British pound is worth 1.64 American dollars. An American dollar is worth .62 of a British pound.)

Veronica explains:

“Life is not easy right now, I am without a car. A bus crashed into my 12-year-old car while it was parked and [the insurance company] wrote it off. I am facing many blockages as I try to replace it. I am dependent on others to help me find one. I cannot get to the shops. I have heart and lung failure, I cannot walk up the Hill. I would be extremely grateful for any assistance in this matter. Your good wishes and prayers would be most helpful.

“Dave found a car and I put a deposit on it but there is a problem with the Log Book, they cannot produce it and so without it I cannot Tax the car so I did not get it. I have not been out for a few days. This whole episode has been very stressful. I might be able to get the deposit back, I am not sure what will happen, then we would have to start loking again. When you are restricted with money it makes life very difficult. I would be grateful for any help in this matter, it is extremely generous of you to offer. The Dark will go to any lengths to block my work.

“I am extremely worried about Dave, he is under attack again, they have tried to kill him twice. He is an important part of my work. He is going through Hell, the pressure he is under is enormous. I would be grateful for any assistance on this matter also.

“With love and best wishes,


Website: The Montague Keen Foundation at

Luisa Vasconcelos adds:

“As you know Veronica is without car and it has made her life very difficult. She needs a car to go shopping for food and the shops are far away from where she lives. And with her illness she cannot travel by foot or return with heavy bags.

“I’ve asked advice about assistance from the Insurance Company and they will only refund you with the value of your old Toyota, that was of great service to you and it means a very low amount of money that will not buy anything decent and safe”

Please go to Paypal

Hit “Send Money” and enter the email address:

(A British pound is worth 1.64 American dollars. An American dollar is worth .62 of a British pound.)

Your donations are gratefully. In a few days or perhaps weeks (I hope not), we won’t need to appeal to readers any longer. Everything will change. But until then, we remain reliant upon reader suppor