Crystal Connection 16 October 2013

golden dome


I feel the crystal pulsating against my skin. I feel, see there is an imprint of Atlantis in my crystal Amelen. I see a light blue pulsating in the crystal and takes me right back to one of my previous lives in Atlantis. I am in a garden using this crystal ( feels weird that a crystal can be here in different timelines and places) connecting the life force with the healing energy of the plants. I see big flowers, purple flowers next to me. Then I am transported to an underwater city and I am in a golden library that have a lot of magical info and also Akashic records. It is a golden crystal dome, it sparkles and contains billions of data on the outer shell , the sparkles in the dome reflects the information. I feel again like a record keeper , I am an old man, with white/grey beard, long hair like Gandalf. I open the domes roof and I see a sparkly sky above me, I feel comfortable alone, researching , doing some research about healing qualities. I see a golden lotus flower opening it’s petals.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I sensed the energies channeled down to me through the golden crown above my head, the crown is a multidimensional Portal and I can see my higher reality through this crown, I sense green and golden colours again. I am still here dealing with the shadows and the last remains of 3D but I will be called soon to go where my heart belongs. Another thing that I sensed was a sense of dying and being reborn at the same time in the same body , I was feeling the transformation of my body. I sense the Angels giving Blessings, AA Michael`s Light Presence I can feel. Energy coming from above in White colours, Jeshua, Magdalene, RA. OLA is showing me my face and two Beings of Light on both sides of my face.

Crystal Connection – Feilla

I was too tired to fall asleep after the connection. Pity that after waking up at midnight at 02:15 am in my time zone, awakened by various kinds of physical pains, I almost forgot all what I had sensed during the connection.

Then I continued reading the post of Kerry, recommended by Troy two days ago, I hence  could recall a little bit of them.
The first one is the constellation of Orion, in which the most remarkable ones are the three bright points on the belt. Some kind of thick nostalgia whereupon just arose in my mind, and I could not help but cry.

Then the next scenes seemed to have to do with somewhere in a French countryside, which felt like some medieval buildings standing in the grass or forest. However, all these visions just evoked me some kind of gray mood.

I cannot recall more and both my physical state and mood felt pretty wired today.

Crystal Connection 15 October 2013


I see the sun, the central sun radiating into the universe, full force, we feel the full force of those energies, upgrading us to where we want to be. I feel this energy in my crystal Amelen, it is pulsating with life. I go inside of me, inside of the crystal, feeling it through…

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I called the Archangels and the Egyptian Gods and saw the golden crown above my head, this time I saw myself partly in the shadows of my 3D reality, I could not concentrate fully on the crown while I was feeling the higher energies entering within.
I saw Baba Vanga`s face and I felt her by my side while i was standing in the mountain , I could not stop my tears , I felt so excited and she said “Oti plachesh ma, nie sme tuk, do tebe :) ” – “Why are you crying, girl, we are here by your side ” and smiled at me, I reached out to her and smiled, at the same time I felt Mary Magdalene`s energies and I sensed them connected with Vanga, Vanga has come and gone fulfilling her mission, giving us the knowledge and the information we needed, she came here as many higher Beings did to direct us and help us to remember what we have forgotten since the fall of Atlantis. I received the Blessings of the Archangels and the Egyptian Gods and sensed the Golden energies again golden and green colours I felt


Crystal Connection – Feilla

Every time during our connection, I try to connect first with the Central Sun…But never realized well where I’m. Thanks to awesome Lisa….you have always been able to show me my very coordinates in that precise way.

The second picture in this mail really gives me a sense of very powerful energetic connection, also corresponds so the visions that I got tonight. You are my very way shower !!!  (Note Lisa: see the picture on the top of this post)

Pyramid activation and inner earth changes ….

Judith Kusel

Massive changes are happening in the inner earth crust, and these are pulling us more and more into the core of ourselves – that center place, where we feel the most….. It is there in the gut, and reaction to all the outside forces….. It is there in our relationships to the outer world – whether deep bonds of love, or social bonds….
It seems to circle out and out and has an effect on all and sundry….
The Earth is really a living and breathing entity and as she is being re-activated from the inner core and her whole molecular and outer structures are being revamped, something immense is happening.
What is happening is the opening up of long dormant energy centers, the pyramids under the sea, in the inner core earth, and those who lie buried underneath the rubble. Some, like in South America, which lie buried under…

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Crystal Connection 14 October 2013

moutain snow and pine trees

Source picture:

I am back in the underwater city, that seems to consist of blocks, shining light , the city has a kinda of strong peaceful feeling, especially the purple blue water/fluid we are in. I feel I am in Hitsusi’s home/place. It is so very quite and peaceful. There is a gate the forms a connection with the non fluid world. But they like to keep to themselves in their own world.The fluid gives them warmth and comfort. All is fluid , all is perfect. (see dream:

I see a Lotus Flower opening up, it shines golden light into the starry heavens. I am surrounded by mountains and snow, surrounded by pine trees, I look up to the stars and the moon and I feel so connected with the universe. I am light , I am a energy being, I am Arachanai.

From the West to the East, from the North to the South, follow your heart, follow the stars, follow the love that spreads like a northern light. Love Arachanai

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I connected with a Native American Geronimo or Goyathlay  as soon as I closed my eyes for meditation, he was sitting in front of me while I was entering into the Golden Energies of my own Heart and I saw the Rune GEBO that was a connection between me and the Chief I entered the Portal inside my Heart and I saw a green moss, the land there was covered with wonderful green moss and the colour was so vivid and bright , we do not have such green colour in 3D reality, and the air was golden yellow and was shining. Then I entered my Pineal gland bringing waves of sound frequencies and I felt Light , a column of Light went out of my pineal gland and directed upwards and I could see a DNA spiral into this column, I left the energies work free into my pineal Gland and my whole body was receiving the higher frequencies, the process was very intense.


Crystal Connection – Feilla

In the last two days, I’m extremely tired, even feel pretty ill. I originally thought it’s owing to my staying up all night tree days ago, but thanks to Leslee, I realized it had rather resulted from the energetic impacts. After reading Leslee’s mail, I came to check my dairy, and found that last Thursday and Friday, I also experienced a very sore spine, even not only so.

Since I’ve had difficulty to fall asleep in the recent two weeks, after the connection, as feeling sleepy, I allowed myself to sleep directly.

As Lisa, during the last connection, I seemed to see various scenes of Vésu where there was a conic building in the center, looking so similar to what Lisa and Leslee have drawn, but emanating the lights…blue lights. Like what Lisa just drew about the space of Hitsusi, what I saw last night was like this, but in the center is the conic tower which was surrounded by numerous smaller and shorter round buildings which were drawn as a circle. And all the scenes of city(ies) that I saw have to do with this kind of similar layout. I’m in fact not sure it’s Vésu, space of Hitsusi, Alantis, Abiquor or some city(ies) in inner earth of in the future.

Pity that I cannot recall the details, without saying drawing them down on the papers.

May we all have nice connection and dreams tonight !!!

Crystal Connection 13 October 2013

Fluid versus non Fluid world

Picture made by me

I am connected again with the Fluid world I saw in my dream. Dream 12 October 2013: Fluid world versus Non Fluid world  I saw some more things. In the middle of the building block I saw a big shining crystal that was energizing the building blocks city.  Some of the building-blocks are not a rectangle shape, but have a lot of different shapes, even shapes I can’t recognize. As the energy of the crystal shines onto the buildings they shine all with a different color of energy, depending of the person or persons that live or stay in the those buildings. The blocks look organic, and every time there is a change in one individuals or more individuals, the buildings start to shape shift or color shift, making the city always different. The environment feels warm and peaceful.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I went trough the open gate inside of my Heart and entered a new reality, I sensed Light and colours there and a blissful energy, I saw a face that looked like Ashtar, I felt expansion of my heart area and I sensed my physical body vibrated, like an engine making a sound as if I have started the engine and ready to go Then I connected with my Pineal Gland filling it with Light and sound attunements , saw myself as a Huge being of Light – like white Buddha/Statue of Liberty/stone statue of a Huge Being of White and a Sphere of White Light came up from my pineal gland into the blue sky around and above me and went straight up and connected me with the Celestial realms. Now it is a time to step into our own new reality and to be the Masters of our own Lives , the time of oppression has gone, the time of tyranny has gone , this is the time of our own making.


Crystal Connection – Feilla

I mainly sensed the energetic affect, whereas the most visions that I got are beyond my capability to discern or describe. The ones that are describable and that I can recall are a gate of numerous layers and a extremely beautiful peacock.

Before the connection, I in fact had a serious stomach ache, but during our connection all the physical discomfort was just gone.

Ever wondered what the Tree of Life represents?




All the many You that share a Soul (the trunk) and experience hundreds of lives (the leaves).

And the Soul you’re a fractal of is simply your Higher Self. The You that is not split into all the pieces, the You that Sees and OverSees all at once. The You that is never on this side of the veil and at the same time always is.

Still You.

It all Is You.

And it is quantum.

At least all that part of You that is not currently living a 3dimensional life. And that can  be a part of you that is actually living in your body right now. As you are becoming quantum too. So there are parts of you, the very you that is reading these words right now, that are quantum and parts that are not yet.

How is that possible?

Cause humanity is EVOLving!

Every time…

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Question of a Lifetime – What is Ascension, When will it finally happen!?

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

ASCNESIONQUESTIONA reader of my blog named Robert has asked me a very interesting question that I think most of you have in the back of your mind. He asked “I have been reading several ascension blogs. Most of them have info that humanity would ascend on 21DEC 2012 and since then the dates simply kept on changing and even the so called channeled info from higher dimensional beings and ascended masters is wrong so many times. Just don’t know what to believe anymore and like so many other readers and followers I am more than frustrated to just keep waiting for a date and when nothing happens then conveniently some new date comes up and this has been going on for so long. So my question is if we are going to ascend at all then when do you think its gonna happen? If it is so difficult to give…

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Cobra 15-10-2013: Planetary Situation Update: Etheric Plane

There is a massive clearing of the etheric plane in progress in the last few months and it was accelerated even further after the successful activation of the Peace Portal on August 25th. As a direct result of that, all implant hemispheres have been removed on September 8th.
I will describe in detail what remains to be cleared.
There is still a very small group of main etheric Archons which continues to exert control on the reincarnation process and still continues to trigger weak spots of incarnated humans through their remote control operated etheric scalar implant technology.
There are three implants in the etheric body auric field of each incarnated human. They are small etheric black holes which are put into a rotating etheric scalar electromagnetic field with a rotational frequency of 6.666 Hz. This is a resonant frequency which tends to suppress human emotions and free will initiative.
You can see the location of these implants inside the etheric body of every incarnated human being here:
Two implants in the frontal lobe of the etheric brain compromise free will / decision making process and tend to block individual connection with the Source. This is done done with rotating electromagnetic scalar chambers around the two implants, enhanced with etheric ultrasound scalar waves. The purpose of the ultrasound scalar waves is to scan the etheric brain of the individual and deduct many of his thought processes through fuzzy logic computer program. Also, it can immediately detect any kind of positive ET contact with that individual and then it promptly triggers protocols to shut that contact down.
One implant at the etheric solar plexus membrane suppresses emotions and sexual energy and is thus used to control sheeple. Its rotating scalar electromagnetic chamber, enhanced with infrasound scalar waves generates electric current which short-circuits the kundalini. When this implant will clear, kundalini in human masses will arise and we will have a worldwide liberating revolution.
The Archons use their scalar projector beam technology to project thoughtforms and elementals into implants. The rotating scalar electromagnetic field around the implants serves as an accretion disk which pushes outside elementals through the event horizon into the implant’s black hole.
Folds in the quantum foam spacetime anomaly of the etheric plane still hide small black holes which are prevented from evaporating with rotating scalar etheric electromagnetic fields. These black holes contain reptilians who are sitting there in a quantum superposition state. When the scalar electromagnetic field is removed, those black holes evaporate immediately and  the reptilians are removed promptly by the Light forces.
The Resistance Movement is working to hack the computer program which controls the implants in the etheric mainframe computer of the Archons. When this is done, the Resistance Movement will be able to shut down the scalar field around the implants and then the implants and corresponding black holes in folds of etheric spacetime continuum will evaporate fast and finally true Light will arrive to planet Earth.
The Resistance has already hacked that program once on November 9th, 2003, the day of the Harmonic Concordance:
In the months following that, the etheric implants were disintegrating fast and that resulted in mass awakening of the Goddess presence on the planet in 2004. However, the Archons  managed to reprogram the implants and the new version of the etheric implant program was activated on December 25th, 2004. This put a huge stress on the etheric plane around the Earth in general. That etheric pressure disturbed the tectonic plates and triggered a massive Sumatra earthquake and tsunami on the very next day.
After December 21st, 2012, the Resistance has managed to break into the etheric mainframe computer of the Archons but the particular program regarding implants has not been hacked yet. We are hoping that this will happen in the next few months.
To accelerate this process, the Resistance has requested as many people as possible join our Weekly Liberation Meditations:
If you receive unwanted attention from negative non-physical beings, you can protect yourself with this simple technique, which has been given to humanity directly from the spiritual groups within the White Dragon Society:
1. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light, coming from the Galactic Central Sun, descending and encompassing your body and continuing down to the center of the Earth.
2. Visualize a mirror at the outer edge of the pillar of Light, circularly embracing you and reflecting all negativity outwards away from you, back to where it came from, and it gets annihilated there.
Victory of the Light is near!
By Cobra