Dream 12 October 2013: Fluid world versus Non Fluid world

Fluid versus non Fluid world


The above picture I made is what it looked like, even though I was swimming through the buildings and viewing it from the top to the bottom was even more amazing.

We are sitting in the living room, all my family members, and also my team leader is there. I want to put up a show by levitating tennis balls into the air. But nobody was impressed. So I took out my most impressive magic trick and now I levitated a person into the air. That got their attention.

I have a very interesting book in my hand that foretells the future but I say that they can’t have it yet as they are not ready for it.

The dream changes and me and my family are swimming under water. We are swimming what appears to be a very big round lake. We see on the bottom of the lake a round grey stone table with stone seats around it, occupied by skeletons holding a golden cup in there hand and it appears they are laughing.  They have the book of the future lying there, I take it for safe keeping.

Now I see the whole picture of what is going on, I can see what is under water and at the same time I see the city above water. I divided it into the “Fluid world” and the “Non Fluid world”.

The city in the Non fluid world looks like a city of light, it shines very bright with high rise buildings and colors gold by the sun rays. I looks like the city is floating just above the water.

Now we go below, to the Fluid world. I see separate building-blocks floating in the water, floating in the same place, like they are hold down by a invisible force field. The lake has a deep trench that has a funnel shape. Left and right I can see the rock mountains going very deep. The water has a green/blue color to it. The building blocks had most of them rectangle shape, but there were also not so conventional shapes of building-blocks. There were hundreds of those buildings, following the shape of the funnel mountains. I was a very impressive sight to see.

I am swimming down and down and it gets darker and narrower, at a point it is so narrow no buildings are there anymore. But I see somebody bend over on the bottom of the lake that is filled with grass.

Something happens, the phone rings and somebody is speaking. As I pick up the phone and say hello, nobody answers. I turn the phone around and I see very interesting shaped buttons on the bottom of it.

The dream changes and I am in a big mall with my family. We are standing near a football podium where people are sitting with their backs at us, watching the game below. On the other side is some sort of ice skating ring with people skating. I left some clues at the football podium for my family to follow. Follow the trail to something very interesting about the future. I go and look to the people in the ice skating ring and I know something is going to happen. Some energy ball comes out of nothing and people start to scream and running away. This energy ball explodes and knocks allot of people down. This is the end of the dream.

Note: When I woke up I had the feeling that I was in the fluid realm of Hitsusi. Also the Non fluid world is in a different dimension and vibration as the Fluid world.

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