Crystal Connection 11 October 2013

Mother Mary

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Crystal Connection – Feilla

This week, I keep trying the meditation with blue flame proposed by Mother Mary. Fortunately, I saw her in the very beginning of this connection. She looks so young, so bright, just as a Fairy Queen in white/blue robe and headscarf.

Then I saw Lisa or Tauno’s avatar? with silver hair in silver bodysuit, standing in the white/silver portal in the form of oblique rhombus, guiding the new comers.

Crystal Connection – Troy

I had a vision of something that I had been doing which is very close to a major shift.
I get a lot of those these days and time is completely out of whack… but it’s one of those “nodes” I tend to see, where no matter what else happens, that point in time is always going to be the same, and everything else kind of revolves around it. So what you hear about it being impossible to tell the future… well that’s not entirely accurate. It’s just not a point in time that is all that… useful. 🙂 Sorry, it’s kind of hard to explain.

Let’s just say I caught up to a point in time that I had seen previously in a vision or dream. And all is well. 🙂

SaLuSa 18.10.2013

Spirit Train Chronicles

The feelings of Oneness and blissful joy are surrounding you with such intensity never experienced before, and we are enjoying your amazement when they are entering your beings so powerfully, as your intentions and wishes are set very high and allowing you to experience ever deepening and more fulfilling feelings of Unity with All. The more you are aware of these energies, the more you want to be immersed in them, as they are of pure Love and Light and help you to clear yourselves completely from all of the old energy patterns. In this phase of your final clearing you might experience a sudden change in your mood and feelings due to some old issues being cleared away suddenly, without getting through the usual process that you all are very well aware of. This is because of your strong will, intent and choice that you have manifested this final…

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