Crystal Connection 10 October 2013

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I see white faces, a lot of faces looking at me, staring at me…I see rainbows going over one island to another green island. I see a spiral, a yellow spiral on a forehead of an aboriginal elder, the dream time, I see that french garden again, it is hypnotizing me and there is a message waiting there for Feilla , something that will unlock everything that is now locking it into your heart making you unable to be free, to be yourself, also me when I look at these pictures something is stirring inside of me, lives that have been forgotten but must be remembered to go further into the future. Feilla I feel so much of the importance of this message, but only if you can , I would suggest to go to this place and find yourself balanced again, reunited with the past and a bright future. I am now in a magical land, everything looks magical, the colors, the landscape, the trees and the grass, magical…I am a wizard, I am wearing my green cape again , holding my crystal staff, it is purple with gold energy inside of it. I can reach for it with my heart and make with this energy everything better. I see stars, there is something going on with the constellation of Orion, something is going on…I am feeling lonely, but good lonely and I look over the landscape below me with sun golden light and blue grass and trees. I am home, home is in the Orion.


Crystal Connection – Feilla

Today, I overlooked various scenes of the cities built as sacred geometries. They were rather like stars as there are rays encompassing the capitol. I felt they might be Atlantean, but might possibly be Abiquor, too ?!

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