“Straddling Two Worlds”

Angelic Guides

doorway to new dimensionToday we would like to focus your attention on the topic of your soul’s evolution.  This message is primarily for those who are moving through the shift in a conscious manner, which allows their being to ascend into the higher dimensions from which you all came.  This message is intended for those who are specifically drawn to this message; you are the souls who are experiencing the destruction of one world and the creation of another.  You are the “demolition crew” as well as the architects and builders of the new reality which you are creating each and every moment of your day.

Many of you are finding it rather difficult to manage your emotions.  Though you have bouts of excitement, anticipation, confidence and faith, you also find that you are wrestling with the very difficult feelings of self-doubt, anger, fear, and anxiety.  This is to be expected when you…

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Selacia: Accelerate Your Spiritual Progress

Openhearted Rebellion

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Thursday, 10 October, 2013  (posted 11 October, 2013)

Note from Wes: Reading this, I realize that I’ve personally stepped away from the desire to see things happen “yesterday”. I’ll admit that desire used to be strong and it may be for you currently, but it feels liberating to exit expectation and fully enter our roles in bringing our new paradigm about.

We live in a time of revolutionary change, catalyzing beginnings and endings that will help create a more loving world.  Here’s both the big picture and how it impacts you in your personal life.

Big Picture

Endings in our times of unprecedented changes include a falling away of dysfunctional systems and approaches. Beginnings include creation of a brand-new way to co-exist with one another – fueled by love rather than fear. These energies of beginnings and endings are all around us now – they are global…

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What Will It Be Like When Your Third Eye Is Open?

Silent Winds of Change


Not like your 3D mind expects.

Will it be like a movie?


Info will just feel like it’s dropped on you. Pages worth of info in a second.  Your consciousness may take hours to digest it all or you could catch it all instantly but it could still be hours worth of info.  You might close your eyes, see a kaleidoscope of colors, or just swishing swirling colors and images, open your eyes and realize you just had what seemed like a dream.  All the details are there but it seemed just to be a second of your time.

You only get info when you want it.  Most of mine comes as I’m assisting others to work out their questions or I’ve stretched myself beyond my normal limits.  It tries to be non-intrusive.  So realize also you won’t excel and move up the spiral unless you are constantly stretching…

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The UPDATE you’ve been waiting for: – Home Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) development

Hopegirl Blog Archives 2012-2015

Dear QEG Supporters/Followers!

Here is the update you’ve been waiting for! To begin with, at the exact same time the campaign for the building of the QEG prototype was ending, Jamie (the inventor, and my husband) and I were forced to move due to contamination of our water supply from hydrofracking (gas drilling in Pennsylvania). This development provided an opportunity to get a workspace that is more conducive to the building of the units; something relatively private with a better work environment (better heat, ample lab space, access to food, affordable, etc.). The new location works out very well, so that’s out of the way (we thought we were going to have to rent a space in town, something we were very uncomfortable with due to privacy concerns and additional monthly rental costs).

Please forgive me for not updating sooner but we still don’t have internet (I’m at Starbucks writing…

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Crystalline Light Needles Penetrate into Gaia Hiddens at this Moment


gaia_energy1Crystalline Light Needles penetrate into Gaia hiddens at this moment. This occurs Gaia-wide.

All unilluminateds will be pierced and revealed.

Secondary purpose of the Needle Light is to unveil all energetic soft points and upgrade (strengthen).

Tertiary purpose is to stimulate both Hue- and humanity to next levels.

Quaternary purpose is dissolution of lower D cultural, societal, and governmental paradigms, inner and outer.

Current Cosmic energetics and Gaia consciousness levels have initiated this.

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