Crystal Connection 30 September 2013

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Crystal Connection – Tauno

I was connected with the Being I saw last night in my meditation , I feel Ashtar Sheran was this Being, I was standing on the same place – a mountain but not on Earth , this was a Cosmic Mountain , my feet were on it and I was in Open Space at the same time, I feel I was connected with a craft, I saw rays of White Light coming to me and embracing me into White Light energy and I was able to see a triangular Light pattern in this energy stream that connected with my chakras this triangular pattern was made of some golden light spheres organized in a triangular shape I did not have any vision, just received the energy, in this energy are the answers we need and we will be able to understand them soon

Crystal Connection – Feilla

On 30, I first contacted with Max. Then I saw the amethyst Crystal Skull Ami, and another amethyst or black extraterrestrial Crystal Skull whose mouth was open large.

I contacted Lord Lanto, following the latest chanelling via Natalie Glasson :

‘I call upon Master Lanto to be present with me, supporting my greater awakening to my light and devotion within my being. Please, Master Lanto, place your energetic hands upon the base of my spine and the back of my heart chakra, enthusing my entire chakra column with your consciousness and energy vibration. I know that you hold high and pure frequencies of light and devotion, I accept that which you share with me and experience a deep integration with your energy.

I am Devotion and I am Light. I clear my entire being of all that hinders and blocks my experience of my devotion and light allowing the birthing and awakening of my devotion and light into my current reality and being.

I now allow myself to recognise, observe and experience my divine light and devotion. Thank you.’

After that I fell again asleep.

I felt the big shift is happening. The course felt so difficult.

Thank you so much for this delightful conversation that rekindles me anyhow.

Crystal Connection 29 September 2013

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Crystal Connection – Tauno

I connected my environment, my physical and my Light body into ONE and started the journey
I remember being in Egypt and walking by the pyramids and I sensed golden Light at my right where the pyramids were and blue energy at my left where the road was, I combined these two energies into a spiral of blue and golden Light
I connected with my Heart Center of the KA body and I saw a sphere of Golden Light, the Flower of Life embraced the sphere into its net and I saw the Sphere on a high mountain place, a Cat appeared at the same place – Bastet, the Cat was at times a Lioness that was there with her kittens, the Cat was vibrating with the higher golden energies of the Egyptian Gods, I could see the mountain below this high green place on the top, the sky below was blue and the mountain was green and I sensed a movement up while being on the high place with Bastet. The top was moving higher and it was floating in the air and drawing the whole Earth below , the Earth was following Bastet upwards, I could look at the Earth below and sending energies that helped Her follow the rock with Bastet and my Presence
I sensed a physical sensation of moving upwards. Then my attention moved into my Throat Chacra and I was in North America connected with the Native American Elders and their children that are now living there, I saw an orange rock , it was a canyon of a kind – like Grand Canyon – the place was similar to Grand canyon I could feel White Eagle`s Presence and I saw a ritual of People connecting with the Earth. My awareness moved into the center of my Head and I sensed an energy there that connected me with a higher Being of Light that looked like Ashtar Sheran , he was standing on my left and I was in a mountain that was not on Earth, the Being of Light was dressed in white or grey robe with his hands in front of the heart as in a prayer and his hair was blond

Crystal Connection 28 September 2013

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Crystal Meditation – Tauno

I did a healing meditation because I felt cold and uncomfortable
I saw the Earth from above, the mountains and the trees – all colours, I was flying in the sky. Then I felt White Light coming from above and surrounding me, Angels were singing and I heard the river

Crystal Meditation – Feilla

Some disaster which seemed inevitable just happened to me yesterday. Though I had some kind of sense of releasing something extremely negative, but felt traumatized, too. I came home and started the connection late. Being too tired, I fell asleep during the course.

Owing to that trauma, my thoughts just seriously interrupted my connection.

Again, I started this meditation by envisioning the purification with first violet and then blue flames, than connected with Max.

At the very moment when I once got relaxed, I seemed to see some interior scenery of a big golden craft. Owing to my entangled thoughts and feeling caused by that event, I was not able to reach the vibration of that ship any more.

It took a long time that I had no more vision, then finally saw again the golden Altantean spiral. I seemed again to be in Abiquor or Inner Earth.

It’s first time that Naftiti appeared to me with her high crown.

After that, I guess I just fell asleep.

Dear Tauno, may my love warm your heart and thank you so much for your firm and steady sharing.

Crystal Connection 27 September 2013

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I see a big spider , energy spiders, huge etherical spiders stepping onto the world , spiders are reaching into space, the are golden and they spin a golden web all over the world. They are folding space, they are folding time, the are bringing a new dawn. I see dawn drops falling from a leaf and I look up, and I find myself standing in high golden green grass, I see a sunrise, the sky is golden orange/pink color. In the distance i see mountain ranges and snow tops and I feel so peaceful. The new world is arising. I am there with my other fellows, I see Tauno. troy, KP, Leslee, Feilla , Elizabeth, Petra, Danica and all others. we are running through a little white flower field and we let bath in the upcoming rays of the sun. the sun is big and red. I am now in Egypt, the sand dunes going up and down, but the sand is white instead of red and I see white sand color pyramids floating and rotating in the air, they are double pyramids.The sky is purple/blue and again I feel this floating feeling, like everything is floating. There is no up and down. I see crystal fields emerging from the white sand, picking up the energies from the sun, it makes a circle, we are all there standing inside the circle , we tune into the energies and we channel it into creating new earth. I feel the supporting energies from our guides, our angels and our star brothers and sisters who joined into this meditation, to create a new world. we are ONE being, ONE universe, ONE beingeness. They gives us heart love energies pouring into ours hearts, I feel like crying, it feels so good and fluffy. AA Michael is also there, he raises the blue flame and spreads it all over us , the blue flames in now burning in all of us.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
Crafts I see over the mountain, they are some metallic grey saucers gliding into the air and standing still while vibrating with high frequencies, one of them feels bigger, it is the closest to me , almost above my head while the others are slightly distant and I see them smaller. I was aware of my physical body in my room that merged with my Light KA body. I felt warmth in my whole physical body and a Powerful White Light I felt that was surrounding me, this is Jeshua`s energy print I know it, Jeshua was there with me although I did not see Him.
I remember going East – to Tibet and I have a mission – connection between Egypt and Tibet. That is why my dear sister Frila is with me now, she is on this mission too connecting from France. I was again in Egypt and I saw a triangular stone – a big, a huge African Turquoise that is not blue but green with brown and black inclusions, the Stone was a Gate and soon after I saw it I was able to see its Aether facet of higher vibrations – it was a triangle of Golden Light and out from it there came beam of Light that made a bridge between the physical and the Aether projections of the Gate. Then I was guided to work on my physical body allowing the energies of the KA to “bombard” the physical cells of mine, I felt energized. I connected with RA again and sent a feeling of Appreciation and Gratitude

Crystal Connection – Feilla

I took in fact a long time that I had no vision at all after starting the connection. I could never think all just was crowding into in the second half session. The visions were coming as flashes. Though you both just helped me to recall more, I still loose some other pieces.

I saw a green snake, not cobra. It in fact didn’t look hostile at all.

A golden spiral, the one of Atlantis  appeared and drew me in.

I was shown many times the ancient map in gray tone of Atlantis in which the big island on Atlantic ocean was shown in white. I felt it is summoning me.

I was in a crystal cave for a pretty long while, where there are full of crystal clusters. The exit was just in front of me.

I saw a rosette which looks so similar to the Pliska one, but with 8 petals (I had in fact no chance to count them). I wonder if it reflects something about us in October ?

I seemed to come to an elven realm/forest with mist. In front of me is a frame made of trees, looked like Celtic Trinity (triquetra). This scenery appeared at least two times.

I saw a hem-sphere glass/crystal building, inside it are crystal Stonehenge. This scene looks so similar to the Abiquor that Lisa just drew for us.

I guess the next parts have rather to do with our future earth or inner earth. I saw a man taking a yellow/light orange thin rectangular vehicle which looks like the flying carpet, but not exactly. It’s in fact not material but ethereal?!

Then the scene was enlarged as a city full of very advanced traffic networks.

At the end, I saw my own clear crystal point (please see the attached photo) with a blue strand, floating straight in front of me. However, I in fact never tied it with any strand.

My beloved family, may I have this honor to have you, my wise seniors’ comments on him or her for getting more form him or her ? Your comments will be anyhow very precious and helpful to me !!!

Crystal Connection 26 September 2013

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I am spiraling out , dancing in spirals, I connect with the pyramids, like an hourglass the sand is going down around the pyramids, but it seems that the pyramids are floating in the air spinning clockwise, I see two suns in the sky, I feel weightless , I am floating in the air, i feel very strange, floating islands, everything is floating,, I feel connected with my umbilical cord to the crystals, the inner crystals, max, the crystal in Abiquor and my crystal amelen. I am ONE – I see everybody going through the portal, I see troy dressed in white holding the hand of Feilla , crossing over, I feel Tauno, my sister next to me, we are holding each others hand and we cross over, we are happy, we smile at each other, I see others crossing over a flash of white light and I am back out of my meditation

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw the elven forest and white Angelic Like Beings from the elven realms were dancing in a circle, they have little white wings and I feel they are some of our facets
Then I see my Golden crown over my head and the crown is rotating clockwise, I see the mountains, I am there, high in the mountains and the crown is big, then it becomes smaller and constantly changes its look while rotating, I even saw a white Lotus over my head and above the Lotus there was the crown rotating, I sensed a Portal opened through this crown and allowed the Higher energies to penetrate my chakras and enter into my body, I asked for the Light to heal my pain, to recover me and then to go through me into the Earth
I felt Peace in the midst of the common chaos amongst the human souls at the verge of the New Day and prepared myself to go
I connected with the Egyptian Gods again and received their blessings, Received the Blessings of the Archangels too through the crown over my head
Jeshua and Magdalene sent their Light to me and I saw Golden Rays directed towards me
As I called RA I saw a Cat
Bastet came to Bless and Guide me
I did Namaste gesture and I saw Bastet at the other side – now Golden Cat with Pharaoh`s clothing
Then I saw a human pharaoh or higher Being figure – I could see a hooded gown of white or grey/silver colour that appeared in front of the mountain, then I saw a council of light into the mountain, the council was of higher Beings and we were also present there as Souls, I could see fires of golden Light that were enlightening these Beings and their faces

Crystal Connection 25 September 2013


I made above picture guided by what I saw in my meditation. A Crystal Chamber in the Crystallarium in Abiquor

I make first a connection with my Madagascar crystal with my bigger Crystal Amélèn. Then made a connection with the crystals of inner Earth, Gaia , made a connection with the crystal Max and also made a connection with the crystal in Abiquor. I also make a connection with my higher self Arachanai.

I find myself standing in the crystallarium of Abiquor, it is build on a hexagon, beehive, flower of life pattern. On hexagon represents a chamber where there is a crystal (all different purposes). I am wearing a kind of green glistening dress with cape and I have red long curly hair.

In this particular hexagon crystal chamber is in the middle of the chamber a Lemurian Crystal. The floor has a Mandala pattern. Above the crystal is glass dome with a Lotus Flower on it. The glass is kinda of pearl/white, it is a sort of material that would reflect the vibrations and colors of the crystal. Also the walls around are from glass with the pearl/white color on it. Their are doors in this chamber that has a equilateral shape, and the doors are decorated with some kind of plant material (see drawing)

The crystal is embedded in a circle of earth , rounded by a circle of grass, rounded by a circle fountain. Spiral spheres hang above it and there is water coming from it, going into the circle fountain base. This crystal and water fountain is based on the Mandala pattern, that is on the floor. Between the doors are blossom trees and against the wall is also a circle fountain base with greens.

After this I saw a black Cobra. Then I had a short conversation with Tom and with my guardian that hangs above us in a scout ship. Then suddenly a sphere of yellow/golden light of energy comes bursting out of Amélèn and hits me right in the heart and saw my body light up. i saw my astral body and I saw my hands like in a star form, really funny feeling. Then I was back out of my

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I connected my Solar Plexus and my Heart chakras
Golden Light inside of me beaming out from my mouth, feel the movement of the energies , connection with RA, the sound is vibrating into my Solar Plexus and I can see blue rays coming out of my mouth together with the Golden Light that formed a Sphere around me, Triangle on the ground I see, a Portal – round portal opened in Space like a wormhole and I followed it
I received we are going Home, I felt my physical feet on the ground but I could feel them as if they are slipping forward as if it was not thew wooden floor but ice, we are going Home into the 6th dimension where we came from at the beginning of our journey here into 3D
I saw the Earth from the sky, a river below was dividing the landscape into left part – illusion , I could see a mountain there too, and the Right part – reality – there was only the ground and the sky, a craft came and went into the left part and stayed still in the sky over the mountain, it looked like a big plane


Crystal Connection – Troy

I got pulled into meditation, so I just tuned out of this reality for a few moments. I heard some ringing in my ears, followed by Adrial’s voice, she was telling me something.

I was looking at that spiral crop circle on my computer and as I tuned out of this reality my vision doubled, and the pattern looked like an owl, or an interference pattern, when two stones are thrown into different parts of a lake, and the waves cross.

For some reason it made be think of the idea that there are two realities currently out of phase with each other.

Also, this has been forming over the last few days… it finally “solidified.”


Buddha serves self to serve others

Bodhi serves others to serve self

It is time to let go

And Be One

(bodhi in this case means bodhisattva)

Namaste 🙂



Crystal Connection – Feilla

I first tried to do the meditation with violet and then blue flames, then had only few visions :

1. the golden spiral pattern the same with the crop circle [20.08.2013] that Tauno posted on 23th.

2. a cobra radiating blue light.

3. an underwater city, Atlantis ?

4. Atlantis Capital ?

Crystal Connection 24 September 2013

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It’s a warm summer day, and I am walking down the hill, the grass besides me is spring green, below me I can see a city of light. Then I decided to fly to the city and I just flew into the air, down to the city. It feels good, feel the warm summer wind blowing through my hair. It is a good feeling and I am feeling peaceful. I am to tired, didn’t get anything more.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I connected my Solar Plexus and my Heart chakras
Golden Light inside of me beaming out from my mouth, feel the movement of the energies , connection with RA, the sound is vibrating into my Solar Plexus and I can see blue rays coming out of my mouth together with the Golden Light that formed a Sphere around me, Triangle on the ground I see, a Portal – round portal opened in Space like a wormhole and I followed it
I received we are going Home, I felt my physical feet on the ground but I could feel them as if they are slipping forward as if it was not thew wooden floor but ice, we are going Home into the 6th dimension where we came from at the beginning of our journey here into 3D
I saw the Earth from the sky, a river below was dividing the landscape into left part – illusion , I could see a mountain there too, and the Right part – reality – there was only the ground and the sky, a craft came and went into the left part and stayed still in the sky over the mountain, it looked like a big plane

Crystal Connection 23 September 2013

I saw a first interruption signals on the TV and then I see a newsreader saying something extraordinary had happened what appeared to be crystal cities floating in the air, and then they zoomed in on a beautiful white purple blue lighted crystal city. My heart (crystal) is pulsating blue again.I see a lotus flower opening, with million petals, like a kaleidoscope.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I connected with the energies of EthosA Being from Sirius I met too, I just saw a tall and slim human figure with black skin

I came into the transcendental realms of consciousness through the channel that opened while I  was feeling myself in Space, light blue and grey colours, I met a tree there, the tree was a living Being of Light named BuuBa, the tree told me the name when I asked about it, there was a wind that made the tree crown fold and unfold and I could see a sky and a mountain of pale blue colour in the distance. Then I saw a little bird flying in the blue skies, the bird was golden and first I thought it as a  butterfly but when  I saw it more clear I saw a golden swallow bird

I got a vision of our still 3D world merged with the higher 5D world through the energy of the air and the sky, the two skies merged into one another and I saw how we who awoke are going somewhere
the families of ours who are still asleep remain there , they continue the experience of 3D because this is their choice , they will just lose the memory of us being part of their life but subconsciously they will have the feeling of us, they will know us – we who helped them gradually evolve into Light and their Life in 3D will be slightly brighter than before
I used the Sphere of All Possibilities and connected with my Future Self, I saw many craft , our Star Family is here with me in the higher realms of consciousness , I am My Higher Self , blue energies of crystal Light, I connect with the Solar Plexus of my 3D self and the Shift happens, my two facets connected and I saw a swirl  at the middle of the line that connected my Solar Plexus and the Solar Plexus of my Future Self, this is the Shift and energies in action for bringing to me the change
Crystal Connection – Feilla (Frilla)
My dear family, I get much better today and seem to enter in a new world. People I met today are all so patient, humorous and nice. I just sent that scholar and her son getting on the train to the city Lens. Being with them on the streets and in gare du nord, I felt I was starting a journey, too, so much relaxed.

As always, the pictures that Lisa chose for us are so healing. They have such powerful elven energy, bringing me to reach or even place myself in some realms of higher dimension.

I had a complementary sleep this afternoon but still feel extremely tired and dizzy. During this afternoon sleep, I felt the powerful energy circulating in my spine.

Regarding our connection this evening, I in fact sensed nothing but a sign, also a Rune letter of Younger Futhark “h” ( or Angloxason rune, serpent, (the 3rd left one of the last rang/row).

Today, though there was no specific sense of connection, I tried to do the meditation proposed /taught by Saint Germain, with violet and blue flame.

The concerned method was channeled by a French, Monique on Sep. 19th. I don’t know if there is English version now.

Having some specific symptoms and illness, I felt this powerful energy pouring is helping me to break through the energetic block in my chakras and physical body. The process felt somehow physically painful, nervertheless gets my mood is more OK now.

Here, I want to thank you again for that I feel so happy to be able to have this connection with you all.

Crystal Connection 22 September 2013

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I felt my crystal pulsating as a blue star. I am in the crystallarium and I am now standing in the middle and surrounded by crystals on different levels and dimensions. They start to rotate and giving energy that goes straight trough my body. I feel like I am transported into an elvenforest. It is autumn and moonlight dark, and wild dances are going on, I see a sort of Stonehenge. I feel the blue light changing me forever. I help people going through the ascension gate, it looks a lot like the Stargate in the series Stargate Atlantis. We finally made connection. I feel the sun burn in my heart.

Crystal Connection – 22 September 2013

I found myself in the area of Giza and was watching the Pyramids from a big distance in the night, I was feeling lost and alone by the road, the sky above me was indigo blue and my sigh for the dreamed life of mine amongst the Egyptian Gods drew their energy to me and I felt their Blessing, All of them, gradually there came Light to me from above and from my Right – from Reality
I sensed the Light that was orange and dark Golden
Then the Light got stronger and I sensed the familiar SUN Golden energy around me and the Gods connected giving me their Blessing
I felt I am moving , I am going Home, saw the Native American Elders connected too, they were waiting for me to join them into the Higher Realms, they were standing still and observing with Awe my return into the Higher vibrations . I felt LOVE that was coming out of my Heart forming a Sphere of energy around me and the sphere expanded covering a vast area, I saw White Tatanka watching me, felt the Peace and Love that brought me the sense of Home, the grass was beige, the mountains were grey, the sky was of yellow and golden clouds