Konstantinos-Interview with Commander Kenan of Lyra Part 1

Spirit Train Chronicles


[Hello dear friends. The following interview was done at least a week ago as far as I can recall. I found the chance and the energy to start translating into English these days. In my last connection, one of the beings, Rakozz, mentioned among other things the name of a Lyran Commander, Kenan, here:http://awakeningtothedivine.wordpress.com/2013/09/04/konstantinos-sharing-of-thoughts-from-mer-nun-of-venus-and-rakozz-of-alpha-centauri/.

The next days I started receiving images from which, as well, as from the interview itself, I have to say that I received huge waves of energy that I could feel on my Heart and Third Eye Chakra. The images depict his appearance, his mother ship and also, some members of his crew or other crews but who seem to get connected with him from ‘previous’ lives.

These ‘old’ close friends of his, are 25 in number. And in the last part of this interview, you’re going to see their portraits. The interview…

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