Healing your reality ~ Message from Ashtar 21-09-13

Angel wings and Unicorns

What is on the surface and outside of the self is merely a representation of the inner world. A microcosm of the macrocosm.

As you look at the world around you, there will ultimately be things you do not like, and things you do like. All of these are mere representations of the holographic programs that you are programming. You are programming every second of the day, every nanosecond. Your mind is never still, for there are always thoughts firing off, neurons transmitting to tell your physical vessel when to breathe, when to make you feel hunger, when to feel thirst and so on.

When what you are seeing is fear based drama’s you are contributing at an individual level to something globally, even to something galactic, and universal. This is due to the thought process that is tied in to faith. When you believe something to be true, this…

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