Limitless – Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Light

Silent Winds of Change


If you were told you had power beyond belief how would you react?




Sit with this thought for a bit. YOU, we, I are powerful beyond belief.

“But why don’t I feel that way?”

You forgot and you’ve been conditioned to believe that’s silly and ridiculous.

Do you know anyone who at least appears to have this power I’m speaking of? Yes?  What is the difference between them and you?

They KNOW we all are like that.

Your “Kryptonite” is your doubt.

That’s it, nothing else. But that one thing is the biggest obstacle of all. You don’t want to seem like a fool for “knowing” this? Sadly the ones who would think you are the fool are really the fools. Why did the rebels in society stand out so much? They knew and felt this in themselves, ALL their lives. They have felt this power rippling through their skin as…

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