The Bridge Has Been Built and Many ARE Crossing!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


I spend most of my time looking at, understanding the individual shards of light and seeing how we, the earth as a whole is changing because the intricate parts within the whole are changing.  Every now and again, I expand my vision to the world stage itself for a broader view.  I don’t spend too long there, but every now and again, it is important to broaden the lens and really “see.”

I look at Syria, and how important what Syria is doing to its own people is right now, as the catalyst of choosing differently.  Change rarely happens when sunshine and roses prevail, so we must have something chaotic, down right awful (from the human perspective) take place, to push us into choice, into change, into action.  Then we have two life long antagonist’s (Russia and USA) with two radically different approaches to the big bully in the school…

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