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That is so beautifully said. Thanks Andrea for sharing. Love Lisa

Notes From the Center of the Spiral

This morning I woke up and had an interesting experience.  One not completely unfamiliar, and yet from a whole new frame of reference.

While still in the in-between of getting reseated in my body, I clearly saw it as a doll-like thing.  Like a puppet, like an avatar, I deeply understood it (once again) to be not me, to be instead a vessel inhabited for the moment only.

Like I said, I have experienced this before, only it has been a long time since I had cancer, since I was dying from it in 1983, and had such a ridiculously difficult time getting seated back inside my body in order to live.  This process took several years, at least, before I could bear to be back in it.  I remember hovering over the top of it most of the time, and having the disconcerting experience of looking out of an…

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