The Grand Sextile Stargate opening – 25 August 2013

I don’t how your day went but mine went absolutely perfect yesterday. First I woke up in the morning, feeling I had an important dream but only could remember a blue vortex that I was going through. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t remember more, but I didn’t know yet how important this blue vortex was.

My two lovely daughters would spent the day with my mother in law and their cousin. So I had time to finish my cover artwork that I am doing for a book.

At 10 AM everybody was out of the door and I selected some meditation songs to accompany me to do my artwork. I also put crystals with me to enhance my creativity. While busy with my drawing, I was listening to the meditation songs and felt something deeply moving within myself. I am connecting with the white desert in Egypt, and I see white pillars shooting into the atmosphere. I feel the portals opening One by One.

An hour later my washing of the clothes was finished and I went outside to hang up the clothes on the washing line. As I was looking up the tree I felt such an overwhelming Love coming from the tree that stops me in what I was doing. I channeled this Love through into Gaia. The below picture is made in my garden.


Then I had this question in my mind. Would we (humans) handle such a strong unconditional Love?

Back inside the house, it is now 11 AM, I start working again on my artwork when I got a very strong vision. I was standing in the white desert, with rock formations around me and it is night time. I see portals in the form of big cogwheels that are spinning around, locking into a combination to activate the new DNA, the new world.


A bit later I felt so much Love pouring into me body and soul that I start crying. I channel all this Love into Gaia and I also sent it out into the world.

When I was reading some mails of my best friends , I got so happy and I was dancing all over the place, being silly…and dancing again…my heart was so overjoyed I couldn’t sit still.

I suddenly felt compelled to take some pictures of the sun. I called it the opening of the sungate.


Around 4.25 PM I was taking a bath and again I got very powerful visions.


I first saw a being, brown, big stern black eyes but friendly. Just saw an image. Didn’t communicate.


Suddenly in this vision, I see dandelions flying into the sky, glistening in the sunlight. They are forming a vortex and I find myself pulled into this dandelion vortex. A hand of light comes down and takes my hand. I see this is the hand of my higher self Arachanai and she pulls me up and I become Arachanai. I fly up into the sky.

And again this big energy of Love is coming through me and I am just anchoring it into my body and into Gaia.

After that I was cleansing myself with salt from the Death Sea.

After the batch I had again a never ending stream of Love, opening portal after portal and I anchored these energies into the earth.

My husband and me ate quickly and picked up the kids from Gogo (grandma). After we put the kids to sleep it was time to have my Crystal Connection and wow , I had such a powerful vision I decided to make a quick image in Photoshop. It was almost similar as the vision I had in the morning.

This is a picture that I just made quickly now of what I saw in meditation. I was connected with the white dessert in Egypt and I saw pillars of light appear in the sky. Then a big wheel l, like watch was turning its wheels, there were different golden wheels spinning and opening the portal. Then I saw the universe in this wheel and a beam of blue light was going through (AA Michael that gave us the blue flame to go through the portal) And we as a group where standing around it , helping the blue light get into Mother Earth but also beam to the universe opening a portal. We are the gatekeepers initiating the shift.

The shift 25 August 2013 activation

Made this quickly now in Photoshop and is almost exactly what I saw this afternoon and now in meditation. The only thing you don’t see is the wheels rotating.

And after this meditation I was reading this article that goes so well what I experienced that day:  Mother ship earth moving deeper and deeper into the vortex energy/

Note Tauno: you saw the connection with our Future selves too in this blue ray. I saw the same place this morning after I woke up my Solar Plexus was the center of the Universe and you draw Center with a ray now, what a connection the people you draw are dressed in white, White Brotherhood. A Sirius connection.

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