Pregnant Life and the Living Vortex.

The Shift of Time and Energy!


I am starting to feel like I have so many grains of sand in my hand they are starting to spill out on the floor.  Keeping up with all the bits of understanding and getting them placed together in my own version of sand art is becoming challenging.  Especially as my mornings are shrinking and my nights are becoming longer.

In one of my readings this week, the imagery and understanding was so profound that I boggle myself for not having shared it already.  For this one precious lady, I watched as an energy stream moved across her west field in a V like fashion.  The was representing both the masculine and feminine energy forming a point of easy penetration into my lovely ladies new platform of life.  It eventually took on the energy of sperm and ova.  Her life itself is the ova, the egg in which all life…

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