Q&A with the Angelic Realm

Angelic Guides

Angel wingsI decided that it would be fun to change things up this week.  Instead of having the Angels discuss one topic, I thought it would be interesting to ask the Angels 10 questions about numerous different topics and ask them to give a short answer to each question.  So that’s just what I did.

Hope you enjoy it!

Much Love,


“What fun!  We would love to share our perspective on these numerous topics you have chosen.  Let us begin shall we?

1. What is at the edge of the universe?  The edge you ask?  This would imply that there truly is “space and time”; remember that those are just illusions that help you to better play the game in this physical reality.  From our perspective there is no edge, no dividing line that ends at the “edge” of the universe.  Your universe is one of infinite other universes…

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