Crystal Connection 29 July 2013

ghostly mermaid


I see ghostly entities swimming like dolphins in blue clear water, they are swimming to the Bermuda triangle in the middle of it, there is a portal that will lead them out of the ghostly plain
dimensions and be free again. i am comforted by an angel,there is a connection between what i received through my dream Casablanca and the library, i maintained the knowledge for safe keeping and in good condition

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw a Sun and a green plant growing under the sun rays, a light green colour, the flowers had heart shapes. Then I saw a mermaid – white that was swimming in a circle representing the karma wheel, then she left , she disappeared quickly on the left – illusion, and an Angel of white colour appeared. Then I saw the Great Tara standing tall on the right and holding a new born baby, she handed the baby to us, who were standing on the left and we saw the baby smiling in her sleep – the New earth has just been born :) , we saw the world through the eyes of the new born baby and smiled, it was so wonderful and beautiful all around, then I saw myself swimming under water, dark blue colours till I reached the surface and i saw a shore, I was in a lake of pure water, I saw the trees on the shore, the rocks above me and the wolf was waiting for me there, I saw the yellow/grey eyes of the wolf, I was lying in the waters of the lake and watching the blue skies over me.

Then I went to Mount Shasta connecting with the Native American Elders, all of them were happy and gathering and all of us were dancing the dance of Joy, I saw the tree of Life appearing there and a Portal of light above the tree , the Light was like a pillar and it was over the tree, going through the trunk and into the roots of the tree, we were called to enter the new dimension, I looked in OLA and there I saw sparks of golden Light, all are waiting for us to come

Crystal Connection – Frila

I felt pretty sleepy all day long today. Though the problem of my dropsical feet gets much lightened, I felt too weak and tired to work normally. So, after struggling for pretty a while, at one hour before our connection, I went to the park. I took off my shoes, walking all around, touched a big maple tree and tried to send my greetings to Mother Earth and the world of inner earth through it, then I felt both my third eye and crown chakras vibrated. I then practiced Qi on the grass beside it, and unexpectedly, I felt much more energetic then before. At the moment when fishing this, I saw a cloud which looked so similar to the emblem that Konstantinos drew and posted.

Arriving home, it’s already close to the time when the connection was to be finished, so I started this meditation latter and didn’t finish it until 11: 20 pm of Bulgarian time.

Fortunately, my connection got much progressed than yesterday.

I first saw blue fine dense and concentric light circles, then a geometrical pattern that was composed by a square and a some pattern which is so similar to Rune Dagaz but turned vertical [if it’s possible, would you please give me a right term].

I saw an white angel with wings who seems AA Jophiel. She appeared together with another Master who has long white hair and beard in a white gown. I asked his name, the one I got is Lanto. I asked him to give me some messages, however, I was incapable to read them.

I saw a city in blue-grey tone…however, the atmosphere felt a little bit gloomy.

I saw a big Sun disk at my right.

I saw a giraffe in a disc at my left.

There might be other visions, however, I cannot recall them for the moment.

I’m so glad to have seen the Angel together with you two.

Crystal Connection – Troy

Followed the sound meditation near the bottom of this post. I saw the heart-portal Konstantinos posted, immediately it activated heart – chakra ,followed by others, notably 3rd eye and ears. I saw a stone buddha… Alternately a close-up of the eyes, all-knowing, and then a buddha in meditation, and then surrounded by fire. I saw my orb-form, like a sun. Then I saw the heart portal symbol again at the close of the meditation (I didn’t know I was at the end, but the end of the piece and the symbol coincided). I thought it odd he would encourage people to come back. It is easy to be in both places at once. Also during meditation I felt shivers, not a bad thing though.

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