Crystal Connection 28 July 2013

milky seas


I took a bath and did my connection there. I had a really interesting vision, one I wanted to verify some details before I posted:

I see a white water sea, it is no ice, the water really looks white. Was at sea were there is no wind and no current in the water, strange things happen here. There is a portal, a hexagon portal. I am at the platform again and see a diamond shape portal. It is connected with this strange sea. A big spider comes through the portal, but then disappears . I am in the hall of records, me as the old man with beard. I am one of the keepers. I am reading a holographic book with symbols strange symbols. I see a rune Uruz when I think of my past. I look @ my hands, body and suddenly see how they become crystalline , its looks like tiny flickering diamonds.

I browsed onto the internet looking for a sea with white water, thinking I wouldn’t find anything, but I was wrong. This is what I found:

Imagine sailing in the dead of night, when the ocean lights up with a ghostly white glow as far as the eye can see. Sailors have told wild tales of “milky seas” for centuries, but nobody paid them much heed. Until, that is, the elusive phenomenon was caught on satellite images of the Indian Ocean in 1995. An area the size of Northern Ireland lit up for three nights in a row. Researchers think the eerie lights are caused by masses of bioluminescent bacteria, but nobody yet knows for sure.

Rune Uruz: “Mind over matter – matter over mind”

Key Concepts: life force, physical health, courage, organic structure, manifestation, formation, healing, vigor, endurance

More on

Other meaning:

Uruz not only refers to the wild animal within so to speak, but to Urd, the norns, Earth Mother. The great goddess who in remote times was revered by hunter-gatherer societies worldwide. Contemporary shamans from nations all over the world stress Her importance, because She is the source of all life. Bear in mind that other Indoeuropean tribes that the Anglosaxon families revered the Goddess in the manifestation of a wild animal, like a boar, or a bear. So why not an aurochs. It is the power of Nature, which is wild and untamed, both sustaining and threatening life, as all life dies and is reborn again and again in an endless cycle.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
The Rune ALGIZ half emerged from the ground and gave three rays of white light into the air above and the rays were slightly tilted right – to reality – I saw the rays going into Space. I was in America – Mount Shasta and I went deep into the earth, I was in a balloon of light blue colour and meditating, I had to sent Light into the Earth and I started sending Light when I saw Red Cloud above, White Tatanka was also there and I was in the Earth and was watching them from below, Red Cloud appeared riding his horse, I saw a cave where I was, deep into the Earth, I remembered of my 3D troubles and expressed that I cannot stand them anymore, I want to leave and a vision of red horse came to me Then I was in Egypt connecting with the pharaoh and his wife, they were together and were happy and were outside of the palace eating fruits memories of visions…

then I heard the Shaman calling the names of Egyptian Gods and I saw the Gods themselves appearing and answering the call and connecting with us and I saw a face, big face – Egyptian look and white skin and this was an Oracle, He was grateful to us that are connected and giving Light and asked me what do i want as a present for our effort and as a sign of their gratitude, I asked for Knowledge, He said that all knowledge is encoded within us and the only thing that the Gods can do is helping us to activate our memories and when they are activated we will remember and we will return our Divine Powers

I also received that when activating the triangle – Ireland-Egypt-Mount Shasta – we will help bringing Light and activation of the Peace patterns in Turkey – Egypt – Syria

I thanked Him and I was in Mount Shasta again and formed a lotus flower and OLA in it above my head and I saw White Tatanka again, we were dancing together, happy songs and dance into the Lotus flower
We were there on the New Earth

I also remember the bear with human head – looked like Two Feathers and the Bear-Two feathers was helping someone with his hair, a bear hairdresser

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