My Truth (Part I)

V. A. Farria Writings

 I named this post “My Truth” because I am writing about my personal, spiritual experiences. My first memory of a supernatural experience was when I was around six years old.  We lived in a two bedroom, shotgun house.  I shared a bed with two of my sisters. Those were happy years. I remember long, lazy, summers and there was always something fun to do. We lived across the street from Hardin Park.  It was a great park. There was always an activity held at the park during the summer months. I remember my father taking me and my sisters to the park one night to listen to a band playing. Everyone sat on the bleachers. People were having a good time. The park also had two swimming pools.  Every summer a swim team would put on an aquatic dance in the adult swimming pool.  It was beautiful.  I enjoyed…

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