Singing Plants at Damanhur

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More indications of intelligent, communicating and creative plant life!

For an excellent article regarding the science behind this video, as well as scientific proof that tree hugging is now scientifically validated, please click here. The video accompanied the article, but the article itself is great!

If you’re not familiar with Damanhur, please delight your senses and imagination and click here.

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Cynthia Sue Larson Interviews Trish LeSage

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Some of the most interesting accounts of journeys to parallel universes I’ve ever heard come from Trish LeSage, author of several wonderful metaphysical books.  I sat down with Trish this past month to learn more of the behind-the-scenes story about her life and adventures.

CYNTHIA: I’m so glad that you’ve written a book about your experiences traveling to parallel universes, because your book introduces a topic that might at first seem impossible to many readers in such a way that by the end of the book leaves people feeling more curious, inspired, and thoughtful… wondering if perhaps they might occasionally have traveled between worlds, too. Have you heard from readers telling you that they suspect this has happened to them, too?

400000000000000624716_s4TRISH: Yes, ever since I published my book, “Traveling To Parallel Universes“, people have been approaching me to share their stories of traveling to parallel worlds with me.  Some of the…

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Number Seven: Pure Mystery


Number 7 is the embodiment of spirit, representing all that is purely ethereal.  It encompasses a conceptual dimension of reality where materialism is of little consequence and is merely an ever-changing reflection of attitude and ideals.  And where faith is never questioned.

On the numerological base spectrum, whereas 6 is the last of the “lower” or denser vibrational frequencies which we experience on the surface of the earth and through flesh & blood societies; 7 being next in line is the first of the “higher” or more delicately tuned vibrations, ones that operate on astral and spiritual levels, invisible plateaus.  It contains such things in its rare wisdom as we are not privvy to on common terms nor are we generally taught to believe.

Number 7 is every mystery beneath the surface of the earth or beyond the confines of our sky.  It encompasses the full spectrum of parallel realities of this galaxy…

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HopeGirl: Urgent Plea for Help

Fix the WorldUrgent Plea For Help!

Hopegirl, Hopegirl 2012, July 19, 2013

Prayer: Humanity I believe in you. I trust you and I give myself to you. I want to work for you humanity, not some greedy corporation. I want to give my value, my skills, my talent, my extensive education, my years of experience and wisdom… to you humanity, and not to the bankers, the corporate governments, the slave masters, the warmongers and the mass murderers.

Dear FTW Family,

I am at a crossroads in my life and forced to change direction for some relief.

As most of you know, I was a whistleblower against corporate corruption last year and was fired from my job. That’s about the time I started waking up and met all the other beautiful beings and freedom fighters on this path to a new world. I became inspired and driven to supply some new paradigm materials, and started the FTW organization with determination and gusto. Everything I’ve done with FTW is coming to fruition – but not soon enough, and the bottom line is that if I don’t bring in some money immediately, my phone and internet will be shut off and the new website platform that we have been working on for months will not happen. Specifically, I have 12 days to raise $2,000.

But what I really want to tell you is how incredibly close we are to launching a platform for new paradigmers that will change not only the way business is done, but also provide a network that will instantly connect over 500 community members, partners and project managers to crowdfunding opportunities. We set this up this way because evidence has shown that we cannot depend on big corporations or the elite to fund these types of projects with humanity’s best interest in mind. It’s up to the people to fund these projects that are intended to help heal all of us and our planet.

Screen Shot of our new FTW network website (Work still in progress)
FTW New Website Print Screen

Screen shot of the new CrowdFunding Platform (Work still in progress)

Crowdventures PrintScreen

Crowdfunding, for those of you who may not know, is a way for average people (in other words… the 99%) to contribute, donate, and invest a small or large amount in a project or person that they believe in. We the people have strength in numbers and it’s easier for 1 million average people to give $1 each in an organized manner than it is to try to convince one elite person to give $1 million dollars. There is tremendous power in the crowd. The kind of power, I believe, that will turn the tables, change the game that has been rigged, and blast in a Golden Age of a world where everyone has what they need and more.

The organization of this crowd power will be made possible through our new website and new crowdfunding platform.  It is important for you to know this: The quality and functionality of this platform would have cost us well over 6 figures to pay someone to create. By nothing short of a miracle from God and a brilliant golden angel from Valiant International, we have had this platform DONATED to us FOR FREE. It is here for the people and we are so close, so close to getting it to you!

What it takes to run FTW

I have spent many months answering emails, text messages, facebook messages and calls throughout the day every day. Each phone call turns into an hour or two hours or three hours, and there are days when I am on the phone for 10 hours straight. This is what it has taken for me to run FTW all this time. I can no longer do this as a free service, although I would love nothing more; I’m at the end of the road.

Meanwhile the requests for FTW or HopeGirl keep pouring in. People come to us for our advice and skills, people come to us needing our help. These are the most brilliant people with the most wonderful solutions, services and projects (see our Project Gallery)    We are at a crucial point with the new website and breaking through. Only problem is, I have to raise money in order to be able to continue.

What is needed:

First need: $500 to get the crowdfunding platform up and running with our (presently) 58 projects.

Second need: $300 to keep my communications on (phone and internet).

Last need: $1200 for August’s rent (my rent is $1300 but will have $100 left-over from my husband’s paycheck after paying our utility/food/gasoline bills).

How you can help:

There are three ways you can help.

1) Donate to our campaign

To help meet this emergency need of $2000 in 12 days you can click on the donate button to the right of this blog post and donate to the FTW Gofundme campaign. As Gofundme tracks all donations from the last 8 months, the campaign currently reads as having raised $11,632. This money has already been spent (see below for what we spent it on). When this tracker reads $13,632 you’ll know we have reached this immediate emergency goal.

2) Recurring donations to FTW

To help FTW on a regular basis, we can set up recurring donations through paypal. Many people like to tithe on a regular basis, this could be considered one of those charitable acts as this entire organization is set up strictly to help humanity in the new paradigm.  Please send me an email at if you are interested in recurring donations and I can set that up. (To be easily cancelled at any time)

Steve: Hope doesn’t mention it here but you can also send donations via Paypal to

3) Schedule a consulting session with HopeGirl

I am launching consulting services where I am happy to assist anyone with a need that fits my skillset. The fee will be $50 an hour for phone calls and I will offer an array of ways that people can use me and my knowledge.

If you are interested in scheduling a call for consulting services, please email me at

Here are my offerings for consultations:

I can help you plan your project or service, write up a new paradigm business plan, and give you guidance on negotiating and networking with other people that can help you with legal assistance as well as website assistance

I can help you write proposals to present your project professionally

I can share my experience of how I wrote the documents on my blog over the past 10 months and offer my spiritual insight for your new paradigm process

I can tell you everything I know about the Dinar and what my plans are for when it happens, as well as help you manage your money

I can help you get creative without having money (expert in this J)

I speak to many enlightened individuals who want you to know what they are doing! I can put you in touch with new paradigm experts

I am dedicated to helping others feel better when they feel hopeless – I can be your new paradigm shrink!

I would also like to mention that we have 3 more highly talented and qualified New Paradigm Consultants that will also be offering their services for Fix the World.  They are:

Peppi Meikle– New Paradigm Life Coach

Angela Carmen Sanchez
– New Paradigm Spiritual Mentor and Fitness Expert

Valerie Robitaille– New Paradigm Health and Healing Specialist

Prayer: I have been giving, giving, giving of myself. I am now opening the flood gates of my heart and am willing and open to receive. Because it is the balance of both giving and receiving that encompasses the laws of nature and creates galaxies.  I have faith that we, that YOU and I, will continue to do the right thing in spite of all the corruption around us. I speak now for myself and for all of those who are still asleep and cannot find their voice. I look up to the heavens and ask of the universe with one word for all of humanity… HELP

As I have done in the past, and as I now continue to do, I choose to BE the example of the new paradigm in FULL TRANSPARENCY.

Please click here for a full detail of what we have spent all FTW donations on to date.

For anyone that wishes to view my credentials, please see my linked in profile.

And below are some amazing words of support from one of our partners Steve Beckow of Golden Age of Gaia:

From the Blog Post: Paying the Builders of a World that Works

“Are we seriously asking people who step off the grid, willingly, and who offer themselves as targets for unemployability or assassination – for the benefit of and their love for humanity – to also worry about financing their operations? Operations that are being done solely for our benefit and at all levels of risk? Wayshowers have to eat. They need a roof over their head. But by stepping forward as wayshowers, they give up much of the access to finances that the rest of us may have.”

Prayer: Humanity, I want YOU to be my employer. I want to exchange my value with YOU and not the corrupt system. I am here for YOU. I have built myself up for YOU, I am strong for YOU, I fight for YOU. NOT “them”. NOT this enslavement system.

To all: Thank you for who you are in the new paradigm – you are visionary planet-changers!

Namaste, love and blessings.


Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel: The Lion’s Gateway Initiation – July 26 through August 12

Openhearted Rebellion

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

lions_gateway_initiationArchangel Gabriel: The Lion’s Gateway Initiation, channeled by Shanta Gabriel, July 15, 2013 at

Dear Ones,

We have called this time New Life Awakening – your spiritual journey through human birth into Homo Luminus – becoming an awakened being of Light in the fullness of your human form. You are in the process of incorporating your Divinity and your human-ness as a co-creator in the evolution of consciousness on the Earth.

As with all spiritual journeys, there are initiations, portals through which the devotee must pass in order to incorporate the next level of spiritual awakening.

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GaiaPortal via ÉirePort: Finalization of Gaia Portal Connections into 5-7D Planetary Grid is in Process at this Now Moment…

Openhearted Rebellion

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia. by ÉirePort: Finalization of Gaia Portal Connections into Fully Operational 5-7D Planetary Grid is in Process at this Now Moment… July 18,2013 –

Energetic couplings and finalization of Gaia portal connections into fully operational 5-7D planetary grid are in process at this now moment.

Such connections and couplings have been designed for New Paradigm multi-dimensional manifestations and will be experienced by multiple Light-aware and non-Light-aware beings, across planetary surface, as well as throughout Inner Gaia realms.

What some might term “mass awakenings” will occur in due time, yet for each individual human unit will manifest appropriately for their individual consciousness level.The “Might of the Light” will be seen at individual and “mass” levels, and will not be deniable.

Individual and “mass” Higher D strengthening is experienced at this time, whether fully aware or not.

“Explosions of Light” are here… Now.

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Saan and the Arcturian Councils: The Galactic Headquarters that will be the Earth

Openhearted Rebellion

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

With warm and Loving greetings from every facet of we souls speaking with you, I am Saan of the Arcturian Councils of the Galactic Federation.

The Galactic Federation as you’ve perceived of it is an organization of myriad ascended races and societies, who’ve evolved from our respective planets and seek to help as many lower-dimensional civilizations to evolve as possible.

We hold routine meetings amongst the entirety of our Federation, and our Councils operate in united factions as each race and each Council works together on the ascension of various planets and civilizations.

We work in service to Source; to the Creator, who’s funneled Him/Herself down from the pure realms of Source to experience a different facet of His/Her ultimate omnipotence. Everything is Source; is God; is Love. We are all comprised the same energy of Love, which has taken various different and unique forms.

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