Gaia Portal: Energetic “Infernos” Envelope the Planet at this Moment

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gaia_energy1Energetic “infernos” envelope the planet at this moment. Numerous “fire” type manifestations may thus be observed at various portal locations throughout the Earth surface.

Gaia Essence is unaffected by these “inferno” energies as that [Gaia Essence] is of a Higher Dimensional structure. Yet she has “approved” of these in order to cleanse 3D 4D earth surface and underground of veiled dark (shadow, negative) constructs which have served their purpose. Some of these have displayed a reticence to leave the Gaia collective, and thus the “inferno” manifestations.

All ascension protocols at all levels have been evaluated and agreed upon at the Highest Planetary manifestation levels, and will enable Gaia to enter her final correction phase within the 2013 time frame.

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From Chaos to Cleansing – Energetic Spin Cycle by Aurora

Spirit Train Chronicles

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From Chaos to Cleansing – Energetic Spin Cycle

July 15, 2013

On an energetic level, things have been changing rapidly. It is as if the Earth is being put through the spin cycle. Yes, everything will come out cleansed, renewed and refreshed, but in the meantime, it feels as though life is topsy-turvy. This latest change in energy is not only affecting life events, but also physical items. Many individuals are experiencing moves in residence or business, problems with electronics, appliances and vehicles (which Mercury retrograde is adding its special touch to), and the release of deep feelings of sadness and hopelessness.

If you were to look into your own future at this time, most of you would see a cloud of uncertainty; knowing that there is something there, but that it is still forming, and as such is hidden from your view. This cloud contains all…

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Ben Naga


stand still
look around
see traces of souls
gathered beyond awareness
all moving in time

focus your direction
make this change
light this darkness
nothing you think has been for nothing

the present is already the future
the eyes define “reality”
shift your focus
your reality will follow
5. Blackout for Cocreator


– This blackout poem was extracted, with permission, from Aisha North’s post “The manuscript of survival – part 303”. (The manuscript of survival – part 303 )

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A Little Hummingbird “Time Out” to Receive the Heart of You

Tania Marie

hummingbirdRight outside the bathroom we have a beautiful and mature persimmon tree. This tree seems to attract, in her nurturing stillness, hummingbirds. We have a hummingbird post on this side of the yard too and it seems to beckon them into the yard via the path of the persimmon tree.

Yesterday morning, as I woke and readied myself in the bathroom something called my attention to the window. Pretty regularly I hear and see hummingbirds dance outside the window as they fly by and seem to hover a while at the window itself, seeming to say hello. But on this day, silence drew my attention and when I peered out the window I found a sweet, plump little fella sitting with feathers all fluffed out in stillness on a branch of the persimmon tree.

It’s not often you get a chance to see hummingbirds still and this was a very…

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It’s Happening…

The Shift of Time and Energy!


This is going to be a very short sharing.  I woke up really late, but there are some elements I wanted to share before I take a pause for the cause the next several days.

The radiant white energy surrounding everyone’s inner life field has now shifted to a golden / amber elongating prominence moving outwards (future ward) but instead of being directly over the center path, every one on the field yesterday was aligned over the left aspect of their field, showing us, LIFE is about to change/enhance.

It’s kind of funny, with every reading yesterday, I kept saying it looked like a super large soap-bubble, and every time I even said the word “bubble” spirit kicked me in the energy field, because I was using an inaccurate description.  How I never even came close to realize it looks more like the elongating solar prominence’s before they erupt… I…

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