Crystal Connection 7 July 2013


I saw the tree again, but now the experience deepens and I see a huge crystal tree. My feeling it is a huge ship. The ship is white and I see a lot of little windows. The first thing I thought is that it was the ship Eui, but then I got through that it is an entirely new ship.

Crystal Connection – Frila

I asked AA Michael’s help for prevent any negative interference and concentrated on purifying our star with violet flame. However, I still sensed some negative energy, such as a giant white (phantom) insect and then some kind of very heavy white fog that impeded me sensing well our star and anyone of you.

Crystal Connection – Elvi
A little better for me, but I’m having trouble concentrating…..
Tauno, I just remembered I saw a butterfly when I was out walking in a green area near home today. It stopped in front of me, then kept fluttering the wings. Then it flew ahead of me again a few times, and did the same thing. When it closed the wings it looked just dark brown, when it opened the wings it was orange, very beautiful.

I got the message:  We should fly!

In my meditation I just saw some images, very quickly changing. A red rose, which I take as the symbol for Christ. I saw a Chinese man again, but this time some eminent person, perhaps an emperor, the clothes were yellow, golden and red, he was wearing something in golden color on his head, I don’t know what it’s called, it reminds me of what the Coptic priests wear in Egypt.Then I saw a goddess, I connected with Quan Yin – for some reason. Is there a connection to China? or are these images just separate? (we globe trotters/flyers! 🙂 )  She lifted up a yellow flower. Then the flower grew and became almost like a sun, shining a golden yellow light, spreading the light around like sparkles. So beautiful!

Will see if I remember anything more later…
So long!

Crystal Connection 6 July 2013



Crystal Meditation – Tauno

I felt extremely tired today and could hardly concentrate, my meditation started a few minutes later than usual since i had to do some postings. I sensed White light connected with us.

When I called Hathor I saw the red Light again in connection with city here, I saw the traffic, the streets, and I wanted to change this vision since I felt a bit negative. I was then in an Indian temple in a round room with some other people, there was an energy coming from the ceiling that had a shape of an arch, the shape of the room was like a 6ray star but circular /like a wax cell built by the bees, I saw an Ascended Master connected with us, looked like an Indian. Then I was outside in a mountain at night and there was a huge Portal above the earth and there was coming.

White Light and I saw an Angel under the Portal, Angel of aether White Light. I started Stream of Isis meditation and I saw and heard the river flowing. I was in Egypt again, in a pyramid and outside a pyramid and in Space at one and the same “time”. I connected with a Pharaoh, cannot say exactly who but I was this Pharaoh with the crown and Cobra body on the forehead. I saw the mummy of this pharaoh and was the pharaoh watching his own mummy realizing that this was one of the many physical vessels for the Soul. I heard the snake moving upwards through the chakra channels. I opened my eyes and saw myself and a Light at the place of my crown chakra and a snake coming out of my crown. I asked why I have to experience this Kundalini emergence more than once.

The answer was because everything is in Now and one can experience whatever he/she wants to into this everlasting Now moment . We as Gate Keepers stay at the Portal to keep it open for the many
I also saw an infinity sign as a portal. Felt Jeshua`s Presence. Flied through the Portal and saw the Ascended masters waiting for us, they were in a line on a mountain flat place, as at the edge of a portal I was emerging from, they welcomed us there. Then I was flying in Space and saw our Family from the Stars, Brothers and Sisters of light dressed in light blue astronaut costumes – humans were flying towards me.


Crystal Connection – Elvi

No images today, just a headache… Except, at the end, a nun appeared, smiling. I don’t know where she came from.

Anyhow, I feel better now.


Note Lisa: Amazing, when you said a nun appeared to you, did you see her :


Answer Elvi: Yes, this is how she looked.