Crystal Connection 26 June 2013



Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw the Pyramids of Giza, my attention was focused between the Great pyramid and a pyramid next to it, then void , then I saw a flower blossoming, green leaves and a fine rose blossom with star shape, looked like a cobweb, so thin and gentle blossom, then a train came and again I saw a plant in a pot, then I heard a song, I was in a crystalline palace/hall and the song was rising me up.

Isis connected Crystal Connection
I did a very Powerful meditation – Stream of Isis.

I felt myself surrounded by golden energies, the Goddess Presence was so Powerful at one point and I felt Spheres of golden Light connected with me, I saw the Goddess figure in these Spheres, I saw a blossoming Peony flower, golden and white colours Peony, I heard the constant flow of the river, so pure waters and I heard the serpent too leaving her shelter in my lower chakras, high vibrational sounds and transmissions of Light, then I saw and heard the serpent again in my heart chakra like an aether snake of white colour, then I got a Powerful vision. Our World is Ascending with us, Ray of golden Light and a caduceus inside, human figure ascending, A Powerful Portal opened above the earth – colours beige, orange and golden all around, I saw some Mother Crafts above the Earth, and then everything disappeared into the orange colour, then geometrical patterns started to appear as if a new matrix was forming, a paradigm of the New Higher dimensional Reality/Distortion
Then I was in the New Earth, I saw a blue sky and white clouds. A Powerful Kundalini Serpent I heard, the monster left its shelters, the Keeper of the Hidden Treasure set the treasure free and left it with all potentials to Create.

Dream 2 July 2013: White cobra and UFO’s



I was in a sort of nursery with my little girl (Nolwazi) and then a big white Cobra snake was rising up, looking at us… he wants to bit us. It strikes but it just misses us by an inch because I shoved it away. I was only thinking of protecting my little girl. The snake became a toddler boy and he is lying on the floor. A lady comes to me and shouts at me because of the way I was treating the toddler. She picks him up and runs away into the nursery.

The dream changes and I am standing in a sort of passageway, looked a bit like a hospital hallway.I see this toddler from the nursery, but he is a bit older now. I feel I have to be careful that he doesn’t touch us with his hands cause he can drain our energy and emotions/memories. He holds his hands out to me, but I am scared to touch it. I hear somebody saying that it is OK if we just hold one hand. So I did and my friend holds out the other hand. I can feel that he is tapping in our emotions to speak to somebody he likes very much.

Now I seem to be standing on the roof of a building and I look up into the sky because something is happening in the sky. I am standing on an open clear and I see thunderclouds packing up, then two UFO black teardrop shapes come out of the clouds (just like in the movie Close encounter of the third Kind). As one of them flew over me,I was pleading to take me with them. Suddenly I get picked up by a spider kinda UFO and two of his arms grabs me by the wrists and then flew up to the mothership. I see Sarah (she was standing next to me when it happened) running inside the house to her dad.

I am in the mothership and a lot of activity is going on. I am sitting at a round table and in front of me I see a lady who wants to tell me the future. I give my stone, it is green. There are also some students gathering around the table. They will learn from her how to see things in the crystals.As she was still explaining to her students, I see a mossagate pyramid on the table and I feel connected to it. As she was still busy explaining, I was noticed the movements of the people/beings and the interior of the ship around me. But before I get a reading, I realize suddenly (I really was aware that I was dreaming) something very important. I wanted to be with my family instead of being here on the mothership and that is where I belong now, I didn’t want to leave them. As soon as I realized this I woke up from my dream.

(then I get the message that I have been upgraded to be more clairvoyant and that I should practice more. I do see a lot of more images and flashes)

Ihen I was dreaming that I was doing a lot of dealing and healing of emotions in a work related fashion.

I woke up again and then fell asleep and I was dreaming that I came back from the ship, but it seems a lot of time has passed. I come into the appartement and I see that a lot of things are packed in, alot of my stuff, then my husband opens the door and I scared the hell out of him and he swears at me what the hell are you doing here…like you left us and why are you back kinda of reaction