Crystal Connection 17 June 2013

red flute underground cave china


Every time I touch my crystal touching stone, I feel an energy surge going through me. I am on the plains of Mongolia , I am riding a horse, I am a warrior, long hair, male. 40 years old…going to the city of light. I am a warrior of light. I am riding alone into the sunset, I see yaks and it is winter.Stars spinning, universes spinning. My vision changes and I swirl up, becoming transparent and translucent as smoke, going up to the heavens.

I see a crown, , elves from the steppe, lord /king elf of steppe, (he looks a bit like the lord Milori in Tinkerbell) the same vibration, he looks at me, he gives me a root, root of Gaia, I take it…I am in the caves, underground caves, blue light, beautiful , portal to inner earth, is see a inner earth tree, connected with the outer earth trees, this tree is ever green, I feel all my friends are joining us in the meditation, it turns into a beautiful flower of light, one by one, the node is flashing up with intense light, soon the flower of life is a flower of light life… I see the crystals monoliths again, sun is shining on one of them, reflecting to the others, opening a portal. I am standing in front of the portal, looking at it but not entering yet, I step forward and in a flash I am transported through a wormhole.

I see green landscape, looks like there is Mayan influenced rock art along the way. I am at the deep space ship again, I see stars go by, I am making pictures of my meditations I have of my 3D life.I see nebula’s unfold for me, I feel free. a flash and everything is gone, I am back.

Note Tauno:
Lisa, this male elf looks like the Chinese man I saw, especially the forehead! and I was searching the net now and found some wonderful elves pictures, and about the Mongolian rider, I saw him too a few meditations ago as far as I can remember, I mentioned Russia but now I feel it is the same person that you saw, perhaps one of your past incarnations

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I called my Guardian Angels and I saw AA Michael connecting with me and giving Protection
Then my Spirit started the journey, at times I felt like I am not in my physical body, I saw Merkaba in Space and this figure was connected with all of us, we are connected through a giant Merkaba structure and I saw a face in the center of it and white Lotus flowers blossomed on the Merkaba rays, I saw a Dragon that faced me and opened his mouth , the Dragon came from inside of a Pyramid and turned into a snake
I saw human face with Chinese look, a Chinese man with a hat covering his head/his skin was a bit dark/ , he connected with us and I felt him with a huge Power
at the end of the meditation I felt I am falling asleep
Love and Light

Crystal Connection – Elvi 
Feeling a strong energy through my body, but at the same time feel like being outside my body, a little bit everywhere… The only specific thing I sensed and felt was something about China. I was in China, but that’s all.

Crystal Connection – Suzanne
I saw white Pegasus flying with riders and behind them angles coming from a brilliant porthole of Light, flowing from this portal were stairs like an escalator some going up some going down. There were many of Humanity below crying some in joy some in heartbreak. Then a man appeared at the portal robed in White his mighty hand stretched outward and the barren earth began to spring forth life from the center and spread out. I heard no one is left behind. Those going up are the ascended, those coming down are here to teach those who are heartbroken the true meaning of life so that they too may ascend. A white Dove fly’s upwards as a golden light in the form of a crown of Ages rests on his head a rainbow of beauty appears around the Earth.
Crystal Connection – Frila

I seemed once to see the crystal monoliths (2nd time), as Lisa.

I felt also powerful energy today, however, there were two or tree times that I sensed some energetic disorder. I hence asked for Adrial’s help, and it turned stable immediately.

As Tauno, I so 3D white Merkaba rotated, and the 3D light flower of life.
I saw a Chinese soul sister’s face in meditation.

It seemed I saw the East coast line of South America. I don’t know if there was/were someone(s) who joined us there.

Beside, it’s my first time to see an Indian elder wearing the feather crown in my meditation.

I saw at least two Sirian ships…but I’m not sure if they were Salcys or Solaris. Pity that I was unable to get the exact name of the ships. Anyhow, they seemed to have to do with “S.” There were some Sirians from that ship expressed their gratitude to me for that they could finally get united with their 3D selves from China, if I correctly got the message.

I saw portals…and tried to bring some people passing through.

Again, I’m so happy that you all sensed China.

Lisa, you are really too awesome…I cannot imagine how could a human being find such accurate pictures in such a short of time. I envy this too too too much. The pictures that you found always remind me of the lost pieces of my meditation memory.

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