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Spirit Train Chronicles

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Three Choices

Posted on June 9, 2013

Good Morning Adrial

Good morning Mark, you already know some of what we wish to convey this day. Shall we begin?

Yes, please. It is always a pleasure to hear from you.

You, and I address here all humans of Earth, those that read these words and those who do not; you are now in transformation time. There is no question as to whether Earth and her humans will transition; only the playing out of events remains.

At some level of consciousness you realize that these are not ordinary times, and that changes are occurring everywhere and in many aspects of your life. You need only look at the number of sizeable earthquakes around the world, increased volcanic activity, unusually large and unseasonable tornadoes, and the energetic ejections from your sun, or…

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Leslee – Message from Heruka – 23 June 2013

Spirit Train Chronicles

(From Leslee: Here’s a short one about dimensions and how this world’s phenomena interweave… I’ve been offline for several weeks now, moving to Florida and starting a new job. All is going very well for me: the job is wonderful and this past weekend I moved into a place that’s perfect for my needs. Yesterday evening I heard that now that all of that is in place, I’ll soon be receiving more about the purposes of this move. This morning while I was sitting, Heruka have me a brief message and asked me to share it with you. In it He refers to Vesu. Vesu is another City of Light, that I was shown here off the Atlantic coast of Florida. I’ll be sharing more about this in the near future. I haven’t been able to follow the Crystal Connection meditations lately, but I do know that Frila has seen…

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Blossom Goodchild: July 4, 2013

Openhearted Rebellion


Well … here we go with attempt number 4! I know you are always around … yet are you around to have a chat with me?

We would answer yes.

Oh good. About time … what have you got to say for yourselves!!

We see the humour in your energy and we offer much gratitude for your perseverance. In times past we have found ourselves to be expendable and we care to say that without us ‘having chats’ you have found yourselves perfectly fine. The wisdom we chose to bring through … as you FEEL Blossom has a certain ‘ring’ to it and at times it seems you wonder what this is all for and where indeed it is leading you.

Don’t get me wrong … your wisdom has made such a difference to my life … along with my mate White Cloud … it’s just that sometimes…

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Spirit Train Chronicles

Blossom Goodchild Jul 3, 2013

Thanks to:

I keep thinking I must do a blog … yet I really have no idea as to what topic.  Enthusiasm wains these days … yet clearly not for everyone. Others seem to be completely inspired and carrying on better than ever.

It’s not that I am despondent … or perhaps it is … It’s not for the want of trying … yet everything … practically everything this year that I have put time and effort into … and enthusiasm … seems to either change course or get cancelled all together. If I didn’t find it all so funny … I’d cry!

People talk about spending more and more time in the 5th.

Nup! Not me … I’m struggling to cope with the 3rd. Yes I can feel changes yet nothing that makes me go WOW … This is…

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Blue StarShip-UFO Report ~ July 5, 2013

Openhearted Rebellion

Source: UFODailySightings

Aircraft Inter-Dimensional Shift 06/30/13 (INCREDIBLE)

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UFO above the Defence Ministry in Tirana the capital of Albania HD

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UFO Over Russia – Siberia ( 2013 July )

Information on Starships:

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Pleiadians: Ship~Cloaking Features, Connecting with Galactic Souls and…

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My winter solstice experience

I have been so affected by this solstice that until today , I couldn’t write or even manage the blog as my mind would just shut down or the internet, or sickness would get me down. Now I am recovering from tonsillitis, that made me very sick. I am still not over it. But I wanted to share still what I experienced during this  solstice:

From the 21st I have been a bit of the grid as brain fog sets in during this summer/winter solstice. I couldn’t think, let alone running a blog …I was also  extreme  tired and was only thinking of resting. But a lot transpired on those days, that I wanted to give you a little update.

On Thursday, 20 June… I was chatting to Tauno and Frila as I couldn’t concentrate to have a meditation because my little girl was  vomiting  and sick. Maybe also because of the incoming energies that grew stronger by the minute to the summer/winter solstice.

21st June 2013 Summer and Winter Solstice
On this day I decided to do a meditation. I was working on this day. Before I did the connection, I did the connection Iltheos told us to do. As I was making this connection something wonderful was happening. I felt my crystal stone getting warmer and warmer and it was spreading through my hands and through my feet. A warm feeling was spreading through my heart and I felt so connected to you all, but also to the lightworkers of the world. The energies became stronger and decided to channel those energies into Gaia’s heart. I felt ONE with everyone.

The connection itself: I first saw a crystal light city. Then I saw a stork flying delivering a baby and flying over a green landscape (new birth of humans?) Then like a speed up I see an old 3D city transform, old buildings crumbles as they are overtaken by nature. Then a lot of crystal sky scrapers (5D) appear out of nothing (creation with thought), what a beautiful exciting sight to see. After this meditation I was drinking some milk in the kitchen and then I saw suddenly Iltheos standing in front of me. I was seeing him with my third eye, but I saw him crystal clear as he was really standing in front of me.

After that I was a little bit depressed, a lot of tiredness, didn’t want to do anything.

24th of June 2013. It was in the very early morning that I have been woken up by zooming,vibrating sound, like a big ship was positioning him self over my house. Then I got the message that everywhere were there is lightworkers and others , they are  positioning  them selves for the upcoming event. I got so excited, and felt the  excitement  going through me.

25th of June 2013.  I was already in bed, lying down next to my husband when suddenly a  Chinese  face of man appears next to me, as he was lying next to me. It startled me so much that I sat up. My husband was asking if something was wrong. I said it was nothing, The moment I was lying down again a wave of vibrations went (see picture below) through me and they were very strong.

It lasted a minute or 5, but wow what an experience. After this experience I heard a strange noise. This is the first time I heard an owl at night.


  • Intuition, ability to see what other do not see, The presence of the owl announces change. Capacity to see beyond deceit and masks. Wisdom
  • Owl spirit animals;are associated with curiosity for the unknown, life mysteries
  • The traditional;meaning of the owl spirit animalis the announcer of death, most likely symbolic like a life transition, change

Dream 10-06-2103 – The road to…



(note: I have wanted to write this dream for so long, it never came to it, now I did)

About Ladakh: Part fantasy, part reality… Ladakh, is where, the forces of nature conspired to render a magical unrealistic landscape… a landscape of extremes… desert and blue waters… burning sun and freezing winds… glaciers and sand dunes… a primeval battleground of the titanic forces which gave birth to the Himalayas. Ladakh means “land of high passes”

My dream: I was dreaming about a native american but I only see his legs crossed and his chest. In his hand he holds a paper cut eagle. He shows it to me and I feel the significance of this symbol. (To dream of the eagle is to be spiritually validated as a person of great wisdom and insight concerning both this world and the spiritual realities beyond the comprehension of this world.) The landscape changes and I have the feeling I am somewhere in India. I am walking down a path and before me I see some white  self made little round homes with a round roof. Some light is coming out of this little houses and some smoke through the hole in the roof. It is dusk and there are a lot of people walking around , talking,making food outside and so on. I enter a gate and I see a big wide road (see picture above) in front of me, flanked on either side by to mountain walls, that goes on forever. This is a holy road and people are praying, lying down on the ground, stand up again and take another step. The atmosphere is peaceful and quiet. Everybody is praying in it’s own way.

The dream changes and I seem to be in an underground cave/waiting room with other people. One of them, a woman (long black hair and negative vibrations)  is working for the dark side so I try to stay out of her way. The reason we are there is that we are waiting for an explanation why we had this  dream vision  about the eagle. The dream takes me to outside a café sitting on a bar table. Leslee is there with me and she leans on the bar table, that happens to be a metal one. (the  bar table  almost looks like an  UFO) and I was talking with her about my vision about the paper eagle and what it could mean. She replies that she had the same dream.