Crystal Connections 2 June 2013

Star wars tatooine


I am going to replace this picture soon with a drawing of what I saw in this meditation

I am standing in a ship, in a room, it is semi dark blue in the room, lighten up by light blue lights. I can see out of the window, we are in space. I see her (grey blue being) and she looks, focuses on me. Then out of her heart area comes a blue electrical light and it threads up to me, going into my heartchakra , surrounding my whole body, head, I feel like I am part of the universe, galaxies, I feel like inside out and being ONE with the universe. It is an incredible feeling. It opens a portal. I see a desert landscape with low white clay houses, it looks like that city in star wars. I see two red suns or planets up in the sky. In the middle of the city there is a kinda of city hall with a glass dome, with lotus flower glass windows. We, our group and other people have a meeting, we are the lotus flower council and we are deciding some things about what our mission is on earth (our human life now), we make a plan to join again and open the portals.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw my home place , many People there and a Portal of White transparent aether Light formed connecting this place with the higher realms, the portal took the shape of the Rune TIR and I felt Jeshua`s Presence again, Jeshua is constantly with me these days and I feel His White energetic Presence. I saw the surface from above, the mountain and the sky and i felt the circle of our connection, Portal opened inside my Heart and connected with the higher realms,I saw the clock of golden fiery Light again , now the time is 11:57 , the Shift is near. An Eye, a golden fiery Eagle`s eye is watching me as I connect with Egypt. I am in the higher realms and feel the Angels there, I see the surface of the new earth, green grass and blue water and so smooth and peaceful , Portals opened and we come there through these Portals/rays of White Light. I am on a Mother transparent craft again and see the surface from above, I also see a blue rectangular craft flying and some other craft.I now remember a vision I had again in this meditation the circle and a triangle in this circle

Crystal Connection – Frila

Today, it turned another neighbor who played music loudly, but I was relatively immune from it this time.After two day’s frustration, today, my meditation could at last last longer, I hence could had more visions.We seemed all start several minutes earlier? As soon as closing eyes, I saw the magnetic field was already established, where there was a light pyramid in the center.
The first present/vision coming to me is a path flanked by tree arcs. It’s my first time to sense Elvi and Petra’s energy so concretely. Though Elvi had a stomach, you, incarnated as elve with green skirt and angel, so sufficiently helped raise my vibration. Tauno and you brought me to a white-blue mountain, and inflamed the light blue flame on the peak.

Petra, from you, I saw some plate in Super Seven crystal and something solid of the color melt with violet and wine color which emanates very powerful, supporting and warm energy that makes my heart stronger.Though my memory is fading, I somehow remember that Buddha was guarding/ with us. Again, I saw Mother Mary (maybe Mother Madelaine) holding a baby.Once, I saw two naked babies boys (angels) who were playing on the wing in heaven. Soon the left one became invisible.

It seemed once in Leslee’s place, I saw a blue skin lady with longhair.As you, I saw various portals opened and passed. The world of side beyond is so marvelous, felt that pure and happy. I cannot wait to share this with more and more people.It’s my first time so see Galactic Light Ship Aeterna, he/she seemed to specifically say hello to me, staying in my sight for a couple of times.I saw we were in a big hall in violet/blue tone, around a crystalline violet pool. This vision lasted longer and appeared not only one time.Like Lisa, I sensed we were in some ship(s)…however, cannot recall their inner space structure. I saw once in our center, a crystalline Diana rose blossomed.

I once flew to the sun, white but gentile sun, and into it and was melt with it.I saw unicorn and Pegasus who came to me, conformed me with his/her corn. His/Her energy, love, wisdom were flowing in my Heart Chakra and I seemed become someone like him/she, without fear, worry any more.I saw the Raven coming to me by the end, seemed to bring me some message. Lake, forest, grass…that serene scene viewed in the end of this secession pacified me so.

Thanks to you all…I could have again such a beautiful astral journey !!!

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