Crystal Connection 16 May 2013


Source picture:

Light swirls around my crystal, first inside, then outside, connecting me. I feel a spark inside of my heart, it grows. I see angels in the angel realm, everywhere I look is white. I am there, free, rooted, HOME. Colours swirling through me and lifting me up. I create a light shower with different colours. Sun flash, sun flash, flash after flash, deflected and integrated and magnified toward earth in a safe way. This wave is upgrading everybody, everything becomes crystal. I see Hitsusi and got following message: ‘ balancing portals ,use the heart light of love, balancing it with female/male energy with your group of six. A portal is opening , out comes energy and it spills over us and earth and all it’s inhabitants, like a light waterfall, golden waterfall.  The silver moon is shining, our heart catches this ray and turns our hearts into a silver light. Now, we help balance mother earth, we go higher up into higher dimensions back to source. AA Michael lift up his sword and blue light is enveloping us as a group. He greats us and protects us. We are almost there.

Note Tauno:

Lisa! This is so wonderful! We connected with the Angelic Realms, we were there my sister, so happy!

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I concentrated slowly because of tiredness and so many everyday activities today.I saw a circle on the ground, in the surface, the grass in the circle was golden green and white and yellow flowers were forming the circle, and a woman was sitting in the circle, the woman was with brown hair and white blouse, I saw old-fashioned cars of red and blue colours and their windows were shining under the Sun.

Then thoughts from my everyday events occupied my mind, I started cleaning emotions and painful memories realizing that this is the reason they came into my meditation, it is not trouble concentration of mine, it is transmutation, they came to be exposed into the Light for cleaning and transmutation.Then I saw a path, Angelic vibrations, yellow, white and golden green again and many many flowers and this path upwards looked like a stairway covered with flowers and shining with Light…looked like a lace…so beautiful.

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