Crystal Connection 6 May 2013


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I first rooted myself into the core of Gaia and then I connected with my higher self Arachanai. I see a blue orb bubble in front of me, and I see myself floating in it. Then I am inside the bubble and I am breathing fluid, it is more comfortable to breathe in there, it is warm, soft, it feels really nice. I crawl up as a baby and I go deeper in myself, connecting with the heart.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I found myself on a wide meadow dressed in light blue dress and running of Joy and Happiness, there came the White Horse and I sensed myself turning into a White eagle and flying. I saw AA Michael as I was taken to the Higher dimensions , I saw Blue and Golden Light and a feeling of Space like a light Blue Ocean of energy, I saw a snake raising there and a few giant mushrooms of smoky white colour. I saw Angels – my sisters meditating with me, I formed a crystal octahedron around my body and sent crystal octahedrons to my sisters, I saw Elvi as a white Angel. I concentrated into my Core then and I saw a Portal before me, the Light was circulating , beaming waves outwardly and then back to the core. I saw a landscape with Pyramids and connected with the Wolf as I saw a Portal.

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