Is my dreamworld getting more interestingly?

Lately I can’t remember much of my dreams. Either I can’t remember them at all or I have a vague feeling of being somewhere or gone somewhere in my dreams doing some important missions. But I never can recall what I did. On the first of May I decided to try Leslee’s dream instructions and had a meaningful dream that I could remember. It felt important to write down. Also the unexpected meeting with Hitsusi brings me to another question. Are our dreams evolving to more on hand experiences, even if we don’t remember. Are we shifting without notice to a new vibration, a new shift to higher dimensions?

My dream 02-05-2013

The dream begins with writing a motivation letter to stay in South-Africa. My permit had to be renewed and the ask me to write a letter stating why I need to stay in South-Africa. Then I am standing outside with my friends in the city and when I look up at a tall building I see three UFO’s hovering close to the building. (See the a picture and video below of how the ufo’s looked like. I can’t remember how the third one looked)

double pyramid ufo

The dream changes again and I am in front of a sort of ATM kinda of thing, but it isn’t. There is a microphone and a voice of a friend is coming through. He wants me to push a button in a certain way, it will stop the next moon eclipse, because if we let it happen some kind of apocalypse is coming all over the world.I am now in a hospital standing in front of an empty hospital bed with green sheets. A phone is ringing and I pick up. It is the secretary from some doctors office and she refers to me as Mrs Smith (Mrs Smith was the one who was lying before in the empty hospital bed) I was trying to convince her that I wasn’t Mrs Smith, but she didn’t want to listen. I hung up on her because I had an appointment with the doctor. We (my friend and I) went into his office and we were trying to convince him to stop the moon eclipse otherwise he wouldn’t have a job anymore. That was the end of the dream. I felt it was really pressing that he would do this.

3 responses to “Is my dreamworld getting more interestingly?

  1. Hi Leslee, so glad to see more of you online. I don’t know what would happen in the dream, anything is possible. Maybe there wouldn’t be an apocalypse because, maybe it was the cabal trying to convince me to stop the next eclipse so that no mass awakening would happen on the world and it makes sense if I had to try to convince a doctor to try to stop it, because if would we all would awake, there is no need for a doctor.

    Love Lisa

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