Guided by Leslee’s instructions bursting into dreams (dream 01-05-2013)

On the first of may I decided to try Leslee’s/ Heruk’s dream instructions :  Then I had a vivid dream, when I mostly have vague dreams.

ufodream00011I am standing on a big entertainment pasture and there was a lot of people and a lot of entertainment going on. The weather was  fabulous, blue sky, very warm and sunny day. I was sitting on a picknick table as suddenly, something catches my eyes. The sky changed  dramatically  into gray clouds and I see a big object  passing over my head. I see it turn around and then it  gets  so low I have to lower my head,because it felt it was going to hit me. It looked a bit like a large sattelite, but it was an UFO. I am standing up from the table and I see that people are watching the skies, all excited of what they see.

ufodream0001Then I see two little ufo’s flying around low and one of them is flying to me. It looked like half round, flat on the bottom, like something you put on your head, like a bikers head. The Ufo is floating over my head but I look at it with suspicion. So  every time  it wants to hover above my head, I move my head. Then a voice comes out of the little Ufo talking about Humans and that they have to much fears. When I heard that, my fear went away like snow in the sun and I stayed. When it scanned my and I think upload some information, I felt calm,  centered  and I closed my eyes and went inner being. I was  peaceful  and bliss.

Then a big brown UFO, that looked a bit like a gypsy wagon, comes down and lands on the grass. A big group of colorful people are gathering around it. Some are standing so close to the door that I have to say to make some room, otherwise they won’t come out. But instead of the door opening, the whole cap went of and we see passengers inside, sitting very close to each other. They are just dropping of some people and some kids get out of the UFO. Then it closes and went up slowly the air in. I feel so  desperately  and in my heart I was asking if I couldn’t come with them. Then in my inner being I got a reply back from them. That is not time yet for me and that they can’t take me yet. I have to sit it out a bit longer. And that was the end of the dream. ufodream0002

When I woke up from the dream I felt so impressed by this and at the same time I felt that longing in my heart for contact with our star sister and brothers becoming more painful everyday.

7 responses to “Guided by Leslee’s instructions bursting into dreams (dream 01-05-2013)

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  3. Thank you Troy, I had another dream last night about UFO’s, but will probably type it up tomorrow as today I had a to busy day.

    Love Lisa

  4. Wow, Lisa, what an amazing dream! Is your first sketch what the first UFO looked like? I sense this long cylindrical shape is something we’re going to be seeing many exames if very soon! (I hope so, at least!) 🙂

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