Crystal Connection 29 April 2013

crystal portal

crystal portal

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With concentrating on the El Ka Leem OM sounds of Tom Kenyon, I had following vision:
I see concentric circles in front of me, as they are made in water. It begins small but widens on the edges. The motion of action and re-action. The concentric circles begin to act like a portal, a water portal. I step through this portal as a new being. I see somebody else also going through , another light being, but I only see a silhouette. The silhouette goes into the light. As I walk through ( It looks almost like the Stargate in Stargate SG-1) I feel ONE with this water. This is a place of dreams. I see a gothic glass window in a church, it is dark inside. Then the clouds seem to go and a small ray of golden light passes through the glass window. The church has a transition portal , it is a waiting room to better places. I see a green landscape where lines and lines of people, waiting to be boarded through the portal. It is a clear and sunny day, with blue sky and white wispy clouds. They are going to New Earth. As they pass the portals, their bodies become crystal light. The vision changes and I am in the Himalayas and see monks going into the cities of light. I am standing in front of their doors, it is of crystal. I am meted with Tolek and he invites me to come in. I feel light hearted when I step in and then Tolek disappears. I see crystals everywhere, they are the energy generators of the world. There is a gathering of the council elders, they are coming together for this occasion. Message: “the wheel of Karma doesn’t turn anymore”. I am breathing thin air as I am standing on a Himalaya mountain again. I meet up with a yeti. The vision changes again and now I am in the Rocky Mountains in America and I am in an Indian sweat lodge. We are on the high snowy mountains and it is dark outside. The sacred smoke goes up in spirals to the starry sky. I am feeling ONE with nature. In the smoke I see strange looking creatures forming, they don’t look like the familiar animals here on planet Earth. I also see white mountains, green/blue grass and orange (I mean the colour) trees, it feels as if I am in Africa. I suddenly see a snake , holding up at some ruins. It is the opening of the time portals, we are balancing the fine ling, leaving 3D dimension, entering 5D dimension. The fire burns first higher until it dies down. The heart is loved.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw a pyramid of golden Light and a ray of Light coming from its top so that its top was not visible, the pyramid was like a volcano errupting  Light  upwards. Then I was in a forest of extremely green colour, green trees, golden green Light was penetrating the whole forest, I felt Lisa is there with me and we are walking through a portal formed between the trees, I said ‘ let it be Green” and the green colour became more strong, I could see a space in the forest with no trees, I remember a plant and the Sunshine there- golden green. I saw the butterfly that turned into a bee and dragonfly and I felt the Presence of my green dragon, a giant snake came and with its curving formed Yin-Young symbol of green color.

I was flying on my dragon, that was at the same time a bee, a snake and I was flying over a big and crowded city, the city was of lower vibrations and I saw a face forming down there, the landscape took a shape of a face/ Mars planet/. Then I was in the elven forest. I entered through the cave opening, at the entrance there were metallic four leaf clovers of green and gold forming an arch. I saw many small elves , fairies of white and golden Light flying, little elven Beings and a land of beauty, the crops were caressing by the wind and elves were the crops, Mother Nature connected with me and I got the message that they Are always here with us, we can connect with them when we think of them.

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