Transmuting Cabal-Instated Barriers

Openhearted Rebellion

In a recent chat I had with them, the Pleiadians spoke about the difference between the instated “veil of forgetfulness” humanity currently exists under, and the veils and barriers purposefully set in place by the cabals and by lower astral forces who have wanted us only to feed our energy to them so that they can sustain themselves with negative and dense energies.

Some would call those astral beings “Archons” but as I’ve said before, that term gives a bit of a “negative ET” vibe that could be more hurtful than helpful for the ET truth movement. There are genuinely positive and spiritual, evolved Galactic beings actively assisting us in our evolution but in my opinion, their image has been muddied with “Archon” talk.

However, I have no desire to separate myself from those with “Archon” beliefs and only bring them up because of the aforementioned veils and barriers being…

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